Cartridges with Chip Compatible Canon CLI-551 and PGI-550PGBK Are Available

Now it’s official: off immediately are alternative cartridges including compatible chip for the latest Canon PIXMA inkjet printer available! These cartridges replace the Canon CLI-551 and original cartridges PGI 550PGBK. There’s the original cartridges as default and with XL filling. The new compatible cartridges is offered only with the XL range, because only the contents of the cartridge ink must be increased and thus only slightly more complex. Because a compatible chip is mounted on each cartridge, these work as the original cartridges – also with correctly working use! The cartridges can be ordered with us now, but these are currently only a limited amount available.

Cartridges with Chip Compatible Canon CLI-551 and PGI-550PGBK Are Available

The CLI-551 and PGI 550PGBK cartridges are currently suitable for following Canon printer models:

  • Canon PIXMA IP7250
  • Canon PIXMA MG5450
  • Canon PIXMA MG6350
  • Canon PIXMA MX725
  • Canon PIXMA MX925

Here you get directly to the new alternative cartridges:

  • XL printer cartridge black (text) replaces Canon PGI-550PGBK XL with chip
  • XL printer cartridge black (photo) replaces Canon CLI-551BK XL with chip
  • XL printer cartridge cyan replaces Canon CLI-551 C XL with chip
  • XL printer cartridge magenta replaces Canon CLI-551 M XL with chip
  • XL printer cartridge yellow replaces Canon CLI-551Y XL with chip

Price of compatible CLI-551 and PGI 550PGBK ink cartridges

Priced about our compatible cartridges will be 50% cheaper than the original cartridges, according to printerhall. This way you can save 50% of its printing costs so immediately! Later, this price will fall even further after the chip price has fallen. We expect the first cartridges on Friday and will then immediately extensively test this to draw a comparison with the original cartridges. Also, we are again extensively inform all readers.

It took 9 months to the availability

The original Canon cartridges are since September 2012 on the market. It was not therefore 9 months until compatible cartridges were available. There’s always only to solve some problems that we bring you here something closer to the availability of compatible cartridges:
What patents have been registered on the cartridge casing and how can you avoid it?

  1. How does the chip encryption and how can you crack this?
  2. How can we develop a compatible chip the printer accepts and works so as with an original cartridge?

If these problems can be solved, prototypes developed and tests positive, can be the cartridge housing and compatible chips. Especially for point 2 and 3, you need a lot of Know How, experience and above all money. According to our information, it is so far only Ninestar (with your subsidiary Apex) and to produce peach succeeded compatible chips. Since the development costs of the chips on several hundred thousand euro amounts, you must hit it these costs again on the chip price. Thus the development costs are first of all get caught and bound customers through the exclusivity of the new chips. The chips are sold also to other cartridge manufacturers such as, for example, KMP, Pelican, and Jettec, so that they can equip your own cartridges. Due to the high costs and costs of chip development, the price of chips will be first very high and only be reduced after a few months. Currently the chip price for resellers is about $2 a piece. For alternative providers, and so on come to of course the cost of the cartridge housing, the ink and the working time for Assembly.

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