Carrera Sunglasses Review

The cry of “Shine On” the new advertising campaign Carrera burst on the fashion scene and has a few pieces of the collection of sunglasses designed for spring-summer. The message of the shots is clear and strong, and took photographs of young girls and gay boys, radiant, immortalized in an urban environment, affected by hot and vigorous sun rays that make me want to be just summer.

The advertising campaign of the Carrera glasses taken from her once more and time- fact the images of the 2009 campaign-by the young photographer Simone Nervi and designed by creative director Alex Brunori betting everything on a strong, reassuring, solid yet glamorous and trendy. the jerky Nerves are also an opportunity to strengthen the identity of Carrera, already established by the site sunglasseswill, the brand new web platform that allows a trip to 360 ° in the Carrera style.There are many initiatives that the brand is putting in place to emphasize the “Carreraworld”, mainly marketing and sponsorship of the most famous sporting events, and of course a strong presence on social networks more popular. “We are thrilled with the success that Carrera He is enjoying worldwide. We ‘a strategic brand for Safilo, which we are investing a lot and that we believe may have great growth potential. Wear a pair of Carrera glasses means expressing your personality, without compromises, but at the same time being part of a great community.

Be yourself, but not alone. That’s why our communication campaign also pressed the accelerator on the social networking channel. Has in fact said the CEO of the group Safilo, Roberto Vedovotto. What are you waiting to shine!