Cargo Pants XXL

With cargo pants, the female figure is stretched, these comfortable garments can also perfectly with long tops combine. Cargo pants are perfect Fürs Office, for the city or for a celebration. They cramp and yet elegant look when worn with attractive long blouses. In the XXL cargo pants feel to the women all day long all around probably. At the cargo pants in large sizes know the designers, what matters: the pants should sit well in the waist and give enough freedom of movement to butt, hips and legs. To the ankle, the fit is often narrow, so that, where appropriate, boots can be worn over the trousers.

Women's Cargo Pants

The figure-friendly cargo pants in XXL make sure that the legs are slender and therefore are a perfect complement to far cut tops. The female hip is closely surrounded by the stretch, so that nothing is. In addition to the tapered down to narrow pants in large sizes, there are Bootcut Stretchhosen, which are closely linked only to the center of the body.


The diversity of cargo pants in XXL ranging from simple 5-Pocket pants jeans and leggings to pleat or Jetty pants. A business outfit or a lavishly decorated party blouse the stretch is due to the versatile Companion. Cargo pants with cotton, which convince by a pleasant wearing feeling well carry the welding are particularly sought after. Many women prefer polyester pants in large sizes, which are regarded as dimensionally stable and comfortable. Cargo pants in XXL are offered also in blends with wool providing a stylish appearance. In all variants, the elastane share offers high wearing comfort.


The typical cargo pants in XXL color is black, because here the combinations are particularly large. More timeless colours like Blue complemented by trend shades like deep red and turquoise. Brave women put on patterned cargo pants with these prints should not be too large. In General, fine, decontracting patterns are asked, which do not apply, but make the legs appear narrower.