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Where there is a catch, you need carabiners – this is like Yin and Yang. A carabiner adorns many keychains, as it is found on numerous backpacks as a fashionable gadget. But their wares is high up on the rocks or in the mountains. With a carabiner climber engage with their rope to the hook on the rock wall and secure in this way against a crash. Their ease of use is very simple, because what one should click just press on the clip over and then trapped inside. They are easy and are often made of aluminum, against optical Tristesse, they are available in many bright colors and numerous they dangle on the backpacks of the climbers. Thus represent an important utensil in this sport and are essential for every alpinist.

For you as climber a question how you can spice up something through functional by color turns necessary accessories maybe more often. Then just take a look at our site and purchase some of the many bright colorful lobster from our large selection there. Her backpack is the catcher on the way to the rock and at the latest when you click your carabiner to the hook after your Hintermann will appeal to you on this wonderfully fresh neon colors of your carbine. Or choose the color of your equipment very easily fit to your outfit. You will of course find carabiner not only simple, but also holders which fully correspond to the technical progress. With our large selection it will be hard you at any time to choose your appropriate carabiner. So you are well equipped for your next trip to the steepest mountains.

Many carbines for good grip while climbing

They are called

actually snap hook, but referred to colloquially reinweg for climbers as the carabiner. The carbine is a hook with SnapLock, which was originally used by Cavalry, to attach the carabiners after a shot soon to be prepared for another battle. Therefore, the snap takes its name, even though he has nothing to do with a gun. There’s also a carabiner with screw nut, which are very safe and can never go up, are lockable but not as soon as a traditional snap locking carabiner. Carabiners for climbing are for weight reasons exclusively of aluminium.

Different types of carabiners are used when climbing. All snap at us on the page, see worth a visit and you will find what you are looking for. Convince yourself of the wide range of optimized carabiners for climbing sport. Normal carabiner to the application, where no sole safety-critical meaning occurs, locking carabiner with gate, and sliding Rotary sleeve which protects against accidental opening, as well as find a carabiner that completely exclude accidental opening due to their triple backup, you with us. Twist-lock carabiner and all forms of security hooks carabiners, safety karabiner, Tri-lock also belong to our product range. No matter what type of carabiner you benenötig, we have large selection the right offer for you.