Candles for a romantic atmosphere within his four walls

For a festive table, candles are just as essential as for a harmonious overall atmosphere. Even from a little hut, something special can be conjured with candle light. Candles not much need only a safe place, and already they distribute a welcoming light. Long or short, fat or thin, high or flat… There are candles in all imaginable shapes and sizes. The same applies for colors that range from the classics of pastel shades red, yellow and green to contrasting black and white. You should missed in any House. Just as a candle holder in different versions. Tea lights, pillar candles, floating candles or altar candles: candles are on every table and transform itself boring-looking sideboards or window sills to outward astronomically.

Get well candles and do no harm, they are usually raised in containers that ensure good grip. It is also important that no extreme heat affects the table top or other documents. The substrate should candles so either refractory or separated by a corresponding layer, such as not conductive metal or porcelain. If these few points are taken into account, is the magic of the evening by candlelight, no matter whether in the House or on the terrace, nothing in the way. An ample selection of candles in different variants and designs, sizes and heights, show our extensive offerings.