Buying Advice: Choose the Best Printer for the Home Office

Without a good printer you no longer comes out in the Home Office. Make sure alone the countless authority things that today everyone has to fix. But which printer is really suitable for whom? How much space can a printer on your desk take?How to disable the printer cartridges or toner is useless even at prolonged non-use? On some issues, we have some interesting answers for you.

Which Printer Is Right For The Home Office?

The first decision, which is to meet is between laser printer and inkjet printer. First of all, here is what and how much you would like to print regularly. Who wants to print sharp text in large numbers stung, is better served with a laser printer for economic reasons. The most cost-effective way is s/w laser if you can forgo the colored prints.

Of inkjet printers proves (yet) in small quantities to print better solution, if the emphasis is on the photo printing and you want to have a mix of photos, color graphics and text for the print jobs. For this you should be but tolerant towards the cost of ink cartridges the printer manufacturer. Use ofcompatible ink cartridges printing costs will be reduced sharply, often up to 70%. In addition, the inkjet printers for the Home Office is the right choice if one attaches great importance to a low power consumption and a low noise emission.

History And Characteristics Of The Laser Printer

Laser printer Hewlett Packard (HP) brought the firstHP Laserjet in 1984 on the market. You work with a photographic drum and electrically charged toneris fused to the paper on a heated roller. The same engines are used when the transport unit, as they are found also in copiers.

The technology sounds expensive and it is so far. This is mainly on the high-quality colour laser printer, so to enjoy especially the monochrome laser of popularity. Really high quality color laser not be worth due to the still high cost for private users

Select Low-Cost Laser Printer

Laser printers offer a tremendous pressure performance in razor-sharp quality. To get cheap printing costs. This may seem not so though due to the high prices for fine toner for high resolution printers, for example, but should expect quite simply, however, that a toner cartridge is often enough for several thousand prints. Thus the cost per term is laser printer significantly cheaper than in the ink jet printer. In any case, if you use both types of printers with the original cartridges the printer manufacturer.

Before you choose a particular model of laser printers, you should inform yourself about the expected costs for the toner at Original cartridges are mostly very expensive, where there are no alternative products from other manufacturers. Then, only the refill toner by hand, which could make sense only in the private sector or in microenterprises, because it would be a pretty elaborate and time consuming endeavor at the enormous levels of consumption by large companies remains one. Generally, we advise of the refill itself from da’s at extremely cheap, refurbished and of course ready filled buy Rebuilt toner from German production. In all parts of the toner cartridge has been replaced and the toner has been extensively tested before shipping on quality and function.

The History Of Inkjet Printers

The first inkjet printers were about fifty years ago by an American company under the nameteletype Inktronic developed. However, they did not work together with a PC, but brought the display on a monitor to paper. The performance was deficient in all respects, especially lacked the necessary precision of prints.

1970, the launch of an ink-jet printer which worked but only in permanent operation, and suitable only for industrial purposes was IBM. The procedure itself is optimised and partially still in use.1979 was the year of breakthrough for the modern inkjet printers for the retail market. in 1984, the first printer with ink jet method on the market, which were interesting also for private customers came with the HP ThinkJet and Epson SQ2000 models.

The Rapid Development Of Inkjet Printers

Know what the most people about the inkjet printer is the fact that can be shot tiny drops of ink onto the paper. But they know, however, very exactly what they expect from their own personal printer. He should be the all-rounder, capable of printing all of the letter to the IRS until the snapshot from your last vacation. The product developers have made these requirements and they have found a provisional climax in the palette of the current multi function devices.

If you have space and money for a good printer, which uses today the color printer with inkjet technology. This portability and network capability get increasingly in the foreground. Options, who want more and more customers are also PictBridge, the direct print from USB sticks and memory cards and print from the cloud.

The technical inner workings of inkjet printers

How far the technology has already progressed, the latest models of the photo printer to prove it.They work according to the principle of the solid ink. You work with a specially coated paper and merge with the paper the ink over the supply of heat. This technology is known as sublimation printing or thermal dye transfer. This type of inkjet printers used by professional photographers.However, it has the disadvantage that it is confined to small prints.

The inner workings of the inkjet printer also determines what types of paper can be used. In particular the paper thickness in the foreground, will usually be specified in grams per square meter here. Here, you should also ensure that she can distinguish type of usable paper within a printer between the universal feeder, the cartridge and the duplex unit.

The ink in the ink-jet printer for the Home Office

Who would like to secure cheap printing costs, which would be to advise the handle to a printer with separate cartridges for each color. They are United in a cartridge she must be replaced completely, if a color has been used up. And while you should have in mind, that even in b & w printing of some models color ink with consumed.


Who wants to follow all of these instructions when selecting the printer for a Home Office, which cannot help but comes to take its users habits under the microscope before making the purchase.You should also take the time for the information about the characteristics of each model.However, it is most important that you informed before the cost of printer cartridges printer purchase and thus the printing costs. This is a printer cartridges price comparison in the shop recommended.