Build Your Own Sauna from Scratch

Discover gorgeous saunas online now

We provide saunas and accessories in our shops in numerous variants. Single doors, if an existing time has become unsightly, floor grates and sauna stools include for example. As well as towel bar and sauna watches, as well as signs for the use of saunas. Sauna heaters and infusion sets should not also be missing. Also, good infusion trowels are required in addition to the sauna tubs. We offer these in many materials, such as wood, copper or stainless steel. Always neat look saunas, which is essential in particular in terms of hygiene and well-being, we offer also different means for cleaning and care, as well as for disinfection.

Usually saunas always as just installed look. Keep as far as possible indeed, headrests and floor coverings at times should be replaced. Alone do not transfer invading welding to the next user. Of course, a good personal hygiene is not only during or essential in connection to the use of saunas, but also before that. To grant each a good feeling when you visit of it, so clean the body before entering. Also we offer various ways, such as shower Chambers and barrels. All these facilities can be used of course after the sauna also to cool down. Our stores for all needs when visiting saunas show matching accessories and accessories.