Buckle pumps

Eye-catching buckle pumps with high wearing comfort

Who didn’t lace on pumps, which buys buckle pumps. Clip pumps feature clips mounted on the pumps, which have been attached as additional decorations on the shoe. On many pumps nothing distances can be the braces adjust. But at some you can better customize the shoe on your foot. Buckle pumps are slightly more prominent than other pumps. The clip usually immediately catches the eye. Therefore care should be taken when purchasing these shoes on, that the clasp to the taste of the shoe wearer. Just so you have a long time enjoyment of this beautiful shoe model.

The original shape of the clip pumps made of leather and fitted with a flat heel. So the buckle pumps are classically beautiful. If you want to have it less elegantly at the foot, but the hippie to evaluate Variant. Flat, colorful clip made from fabric materials. A cute alternative. The classic clip pumps, of course, are the Supreme discipline under the buckle pumps. Here you can impress. Enjoy your appearance and your effect to the fullest. You sit at a birthday party scene with this stylish footwear choice. Your foot is the clasp better in the foot bed and you can start all of your activities with a good feeling. A shoe with style.