Brushes, Pens, and Colors

With pens and colors, children can artistically romp

If you want to arrange nice trips, then pens and colors are of course indispensable, because many things need to be painted, so that they are properly. In the section “Crafts and painting”, you can find various pens and colors so that your Bastelstunde under warranty will be successful. Of course, it is always important to use the appropriate materials as a hobbyist. If you are working with paper, wood, or felt, there are of course wonderful, to paint this material. You can use our pens and colors.

Bring you some color in your artwork. With our pens and colors, you have the possibility to make your project as you would like. They come in different strengths. So you can choose the appropriate PIN for the surface to be painted on. The you want to draw finer lines, the tip of the pen should be the narrower, you use in your work. Here you will find also the correct PIN with great security for your project. Our good selection of colors allows you to fiddle around freely while painting your artwork. You must abide by any rules. Make the work according to your own wishes. It comes as the DIY fever in you. With the help of our products, your project is really colorful.