British Universities Forbid The Smartwatches Test

Since the first smartwatches came to the market would know that this moment would come, and now that all companies are throwing the rest to promote increasingly popular devices, the time has come: the British universities have begun to ban tests smart watches.

Thus the University of the City of London, has confirmed it announcing that, along with the rest of British universities, will prohibit carry these devices during examinations to prevent students they can cheat looking for answers on the Internet or signing up anything in any application.

Currently it is difficult to distinguish some normal watches smartwatches models, so it can be expected to be even more difficult in the future. This has forced British universities to the Solomonic decision of included in the ban all kinds of wrist watches, they are smart or not.

Universities already asked all students that they keep their mobile in a few plastic bags before each test, and this request be expanded now to all the watches, while teachers put more clocks on the walls of the classrooms of the tests to compensate for.

At the moment this prohibition occurs only in British universities, but is only a matter of time before according to advance the technology of the devices that we carry in our dolls more extends this standard for the rest of world universities.