Bridal lingerie, sensuality for the wedding night

The bridal dress is undoubtedly the main attribute of a bride on her big day. Search – or even months! – weeks lead to find the key snap of a look for a unique and special day.

However, after the dress come a series of accessories and adornments that complement the styling, from shoes and bouquet to subtle jewelry that tend to look at the links, whether they be ecclesiastical or civil. Despite this, there is another aspect that all the brides, and can make the wedding night a unique moment of sensuality.

To do this, there are many brands that are committed to create a series of sets of lingerie in white, white broken, beige or more brightly for the unique moments that arrive after the link. However, they do not have why be used only on the first night as husband and wife.

For the honeymoon are perfect, since in addition to being very feminine and flattering, ‘stretch’ the trail of the wedding and the look ‘ bride‘ for a few days despite the fact that the wedding only lasts a few hours. There are many lingerie firms that bet on sets that they combine the candor that gives the colour palette of whites or roses with other stronger colors.