Brazilians Fly Behind the Dream and Compete In Disneyland

In addition to enjoying the theme parks and all the magic of the place, the athletes will go for the much-desired Disney Bicicross Cup-her score goes to the international ranking of the sport.

Two shirts, two shorts and two briefs. This is the amount of clothing that each of the seven Brazilians took to the United States at dawn last Friday. In addition to enjoying the theme parks and all the magic of the place, the athletes will go to the much-desired Bicicross Disney Cup – her score is worth the international ranking of the sport.

Little clothing aside, the ultimate goal is to win the test and bring in technology gadgets. Already the bikes of the competition…”We already bought there and we will pick up as soon as we arrive. This is not a concern,”said Wellington Fernandes, 38, one of the most experienced in the group.

Wellington even goes to Disney for the fifth time and encourages others to do the same. According to him, each athlete spent about R $ 5,000 – just for passage, lodging and food.

“We have been planning this trip since March. We left it free for each to put money together in any way they thought best,”explains Wellington.

All Blue

To travel to the magical world, only one condition was imposed on young athletes: make a good grade in school.

André Marinho hesitated when he was asked about it and released a “Yeah … I’m average.I do not have the best grades, but I managed to leave the bulletin all blue,”confides the 16-year-old student.

Beyond him, the youngest of the class, Flavio Aciole, did not even touch the subject so much was the nervousness. Wellington, however, ensured that even if the athlete had the full money, he would not board badly at school.

Shy and with a broken finger, Flávio confines himself to only two words: “I am nervous.” As for the fractured left limb, he guarantees that he will take the splint at the time and everything will be fine.

Beyond him, Wellington himself has a small swelling in his right hand, the result of a crash in the bicicross itself.

“It was much more bloated, but until the time of competing it will improve,” he says. The Disney test started last Friday and ends today.