Boxing gloves

Defensive boxing gloves allow an offensive battle

The glove was not always a mandatory accessory for boxers. So-called fist fights were held about 700 BC, during the Olympic Games in Greece. The beginnings of the modern boxing was not boxing gloves. The bare-knockle boxes, as it was called, was common. Today this kind of boxing because of the high risk of injury may be not widely worn out on the world. Today’s boxing, which is one of the most popular sports worldwide, is performed with boxing gloves, according to which since 1892 for all Queensberry rules.

Boxing gloves are usually heavily padded and ergonomic curved hand according to. The coating is often made of leather, but also PU artificial leather coatings are not uncommon. Cover the entire hand. First and foremost, boxing gloves to avoid injuries parties against each other-gloved. Therefore, the own glove cannot have any loops which may injure the box opponents. The curvature of a Boxhandschuhes not only optimally adapts itself to the ergonomics of the hand, but allows for targeted strikes. If the gloves are specified with oz, this follows an old tradition, whereby the weight of them is titled still with oz. An oz are approximately 28.35 there g. boxing gloves from 6 to 18 oz.

Shopping for amateurs, professionals, beginners and children. Whether you need boxing gloves for the training or the struggle in our range, we can satisfy all wishes. Convinced of the benefits online to buy their way. Boxing gloves just alone find and compare. To buy our products with no annoying queues at the box office. See also our other articles on the sport of boxing. In our offer you will find also the correct punching bag for each training in addition to the wide selection of boxing gloves. Processed boxing gloves also specifically for the Sandbag training. Buy online – quickly, safely, and comfortably.

Numerous boxing gloves for your hobby

Appropriate and high-quality boxing gloves are the most important accessories for the speakers. There are countless offers at boxing gloves, but not all gloves are suitable, or even good. Not just a few, but a few more need of it. Other boxing gloves are beneficial for any type of site, therefore, you should have at least two pairs. Thicker gloves are necessary, for example for the sparring fight. They are particularly well padded, so that you can hurt the speaker not to hand, or occur even bone fractures due to thin material. You need hard boxing gloves for the Sandbag. These gloves have less padded than gloves for the sparring fight.

Use the wrong gloves, can this quickly verschleisen or but bring you an even higher risk of injury. Boxing gloves have a major impact on speed and impact toughness. The suitability of the gloves is very important for the whole fight and incorrect gloves can adversely affect the training. No matter what kind of boxing you are considering, with the high-quality boxing gloves from our House you are always on the safe side.

Are the characteristic features of a professional Boxer of course the boxing gloves. These are important for you not the wrists and the sensitive is injured in the strikes. Also in boxing against the Punchbag, one should wear boxing gloves because there is a certain risk of injury always – even if the boxes just as child’s play is.

Boxing gloves for children are important, so are hurting the little ones not in the heat of the battle itself. This can happen quickly if they treat their punching bag and leave out the negative thoughts and events of everyday life in this. While they are sometimes overzealous, which however is no longer a problem thanks to the boxing gloves. When they’re done, they can just take off the boxing gloves and will notice that they feel much better.