Bluetooth LED Light can be Operated with the Smartphone

Old light bulbs may no longer be used for quite some time. So it is not surprising that other light bulbs on the market come. In addition to LED light bulbs in the retro style or should soon be floating light bulbs Bluetooth bulb conquer the market.

The Bluetooth light bulb is also a LED light bulb, but much more can than the other available models. The Bluetooth light bulb uses the Bluetooth 4.0 standard and can of different smartphones from remotely be.

Control Via Smartphone

For example, the brightness can be dimmed with a Bluetooth of enabled smartphone or the intelligent Bluetooth lamp are switched off. Also the paint can with a related app after RGB model will be adapted and an on-time as when a preprogrammed timer. The Bluetooth will be offered later bulbs with wattage between three and seven watts . That is actually an acceptable value for LED lights, when the corresponding light yield compared.

A Concept For The Marketing Plans

Whether the luminaires can be individually addressed later or can be with the app only commonly referred to, is not yet known. It is but to assume that the bulbs will be probably individually addressable. The Bluetooth light bulbs are still only a concept, marketing plansalready exist for that but. When and at what price the Bluetooth are light bulbs come on the market, is not yet known.