Blouse Female Chess:Fashion Tips

The Plaid Shirt has long regarded as a timeless piece in the world of fashion, every year several designers speak of this trend mainly in winter.
It has always been widely used by men, but it’s been a long time since is a fundamental article of the female wardrobe. There are many models of female chess shirt, they are in versions minis or camisão perfect for wearing with leggings.
Women’s blouses chess versions have more grace and delicacy some have gloss and Appliqués are also found in colors like pink and purple that makes women more feminine and delicate.


1.Many famous brands bet on blouses women’s chess, a more creative than the other, leaving a large margin for combinations with several pieces of women’s clothing.
A good tip to not err in combination is betting on denim pieces or other tissues only neutral, because the colored ones can leave the look with lots of information.
Has models without that many women like to wear tied in front, which gives a certain charm.
The versatility of this outfit comes to repaginate the female with a new visual look more modern and daring.
2 Trendy rock this style of shirt is fairly used because of the force that gives the look without losing the femininity and making a contrast that works.
To use it day choose the clearer and use with shorts or denim skirt, opt for feet slippers, sneakers or sneaker, a model of tennis.
If you are in a cold season use or black legging jeans with handkerchief or scarf neck neutral and boots to terminate and kill.

3.This style of shirt can also be used to go to the ballad, in which case use with jeans, stiletto boots and use and abuse of accessories, but give preference to Golden silver, the color may not match.
To compose a country look the Plaid Shirt can’t miss, you can put skirt, shorts or jeans, wide belt with large buckle and boot country or style of riding.

4.In winter it is common to find chess flaneladas blouses, as well as beautiful are also very warm, eliminating the use of overlapping jackets. In stores they are seen in traditional versions and in the most modern and fashion of long sleeves to help maintain the temperature.
Under the blouse chess to tip is a basic black or white blouse, turtleneck or simple.
Chess came to be dominating male and female space in handbags, shoes and hats with style and identity.

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