Blair’s Blue Wedding Dress Gossip Girl

It was eventually revealed the wedding dress Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl 5, the breakthrough season in which the character played by Leighton Meester Wedding Prince Louis. This frame, however, gives us a very different picture of how things would turn out: Blair fact looks around outside the Church and not really look like a happy bride. It seems much more willing to escape and perhaps return to his true love Chuck Bass?Now fans of the series are full of doubt: in the end Blair will marry the prince or his return from Chuck? And who will be the child who is waiting for Blair?

The photos that we propose today are is episode number 100 and as the authors themselves will announce the episode of the entire series with more twists and turns. Obviously the question is that these photographs taken on the streets of New York are nothing more than a publicity stunt.The question is legitimate because Blair should marry Louis, Prince of Monaco and it is thought that the wedding was to be held right in the principality. That it is not just a dress rehearsal of the most anticipated wedding of the year? Obviously we just have to wait until next year to find out how it will end.

Is just a little ‘strange to see Blair with hair a bit’ wild to such an important event, she is accustomed to always be perfect in every occasion. The dress is still beautiful, accompanied by a bouquet of pink peonies and a tiara, perhaps the real ones donated by her prince? I wonder if Blair will marry her prince or his great love Chuck or maybe, why not, Dan? What do you think? Do you believe that this photo was made public only to confuse us even more ideas?