Biodegradable Paper Water Bottles

Improper environmental trade policy to sell millions of liters of bottled drinking water in practically eternal and non-biodegradable plastic bottles with that of people who have access to clean water, can transform the planet into a giant trash bin.

As a result, the demand for alternatives to plastic bottles was offered a bottle of paper 360 Paper Bottle, which is 100% renewable, says Waterbottlesshop. This product can be used and then recycled. Before using for the first time the bottles are folded, making them easy to transport. Look and a good substitute for packaging juices and milk. The use of recycled paper instead of plastic in this case really have a clear positive effect.

If you break this idea and technology for the production of bottles, paper is cheap enough, it can replace the United States alone more than 60 million plastic bottles daily. Design Studio Brandimage deserves reward. And it already has! Precisely for this design they have received the award IDEA.

Returnable bottles still not totally green and if you want to be more friendly to the environment can use home purification systems for drinking water or to get a quality returnable bottles, which you can use for years. In any case, the next time you reach for to buy mineral water in a small bottle consider whether it is better to take the majority.