Bike bags

Spacious panniers can be open no wishes

Cyclists have not many choices on their vehicle to transport something. That’s why they need good sophisticated solutions for an optimum use of the space, but at the same time considered the balance of the bike. In the city, increasingly cyclists are to meet, because parking is scarce and the traffic is increasing more and more. Increasing cycling for leisure and cycling wins more and more followers. Many well-known manufacturers have developed a wide range of bike bags to meet these various needs.

Best companion on bicycle tours are spacious panniers fit in that as much as possible. The most weight can be attached to the rear carrier. The panniers are located left and right of the rear wheel. There are these so-called carrier bags as a single bag or double bag. They are equipped with reflective applications to ensure road safety. Other Pocket versions are, that can be attached to the front or rear. Here, you have quick access to the content. These panniers are more suitable for lighter luggage. Saddle bags are often permanently mounted on the bike. Most of the time the tool repair kit or the first aid unit is in these bags. Triangular frame bags are removable with short handles and are used for personal valuables. Handlebar bags have an extra compartment with map view. All bike bags consist of splash waterproof material and are fastened with a few simple steps. Different systems have proven themselves on the different positions of a bicycle for their bags. There are hook systems, clamping systems or strap systems. Some model have practical carrying handles, waterproof inside pockets or stable inner frame. Many of them are lockable. All models can be ordered online. Select the appropriate format from our offer. But there are many more sports bags that are suitable for a bicycle or a cyclist. To mention, here are still very effective dust – and waterproof pockets. We carry practical sports bags for any purpose in our range. See our offer simply.

Numerous bike bags are waiting for you

Especially on long trips, bike bags are extremely practical. So all necessary things can be wrapped and can be placed on the way. Whether you pack your camera, to breathtaking landscapes to photograph or just take a look at the map need to stay on the right path, bike bags offer many advantages and can be very important. There are many different variations, so the selection is very large.

Generally can be distinguished bike bags that are attached to the carrier or which are mounted on the handlebars. In all sorts of shapes and functions are possible. Various side pockets provide additional storage space and a weather-resistant storage allow waterproof materials. In any case, you should look when choosing the bike bag that is large enough, can be easily installed and is not an obstacle when driving. In addition, of course the quality is crucial, as well as the design. With the matching bag can take you all utensils on your tour, you need for a successful trip. From small snacks to repair tools, anything is possible. In our selection you find suitable bike bags to meet your personal needs, so that the next tour can be a good experience.