Beyond The 40 Sandals

This post is dedicated to all those girls wonderful that fit more than one 40 foot, Yes, those that we have to listen day in day also: instead of foot seems to have a boat, with those feet you can sleep standing or that call you Big Feet directly.

Beyond The 40 Sandals

Finally, covering a thick veil over the overwhelming creativity that surrounds us, I come to recommend some cookies super Sandals to show off your feet bare this summer. In general, the girls that we fit large numbers, tend to be large, so our feet often go quite in accordance with our Serrano bodies. So nothing to be ashamed of our feet. Let the side slippers is summer and time release pinrreles amichis!

For me the most important thing when looking for sandals are to be comfortable and to be possible anchitas. I also prefer to be picked me well the foot. We are talking about substantial feet, if you take it recessed will no longer get that shoe ever. Feet, although grandeditos, are delicate, so you have to take care of them and treat them how they deserve.

Here the selection of Asos for those that we fit over 40. In the famous British firm we can find many mega models beautiful until 42 and I remember also seeing some size 43 applause for our online head shop!

Heel. With platform espadrilles are up to 41 and the rest to the 42.

PLANAS. Black sandals and the jewel to 41 and the rest to the 42.

For those of you with larger numbers I recommend you shop AndyPola: have super models then up to size 45. Moreover now they are on sale, so it’s time to gossip its web. I have loved Fuchsia and blue heel sandals; and I’ll take the abode of the planitas. You also have this model of Clarks up to size 43 that also seems very wearable and a good investment.

Primark also sold all their models up to size 42. These wedges red £ 19 or these Black Roman for €13, can be yours with only a visit to the Irish giant.

Enjoy your little feet, may have the size that you may have. They are those who bring you to travel the world.