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Summer garden showers enhance your leisure time

If it’s hot right is, are the highlight of your summer day Garden showers. Whether in conjunction with a swimming pool, a wading pool, or simply all by yourself, so that children have a refreshing blast and adults. Treat yourself and your family this special cooling or invite you to the boozy summer festival. The flow of water to the garden shower using a garden hose, which is connected to the shower and establishes a connection to the water supply. The regulation of the water flow as well as the arrival and issuing however should be turned off the water supply to the valve directly directly to the shower itself, after use. The garden shower is placed on the ground or fixed but at the edge of a swimming pool.

Garden showers are available in different designs and with various extras. Just browse our wide product range and find one that fits into your garden and suits your taste, then you can look forward especially to the next hot summer day.