Best Women’s Tailored Shirts

The tailored shirt is a fantasy for many users, both in terms of price that interest. Today, I propose you 5 reasons to buy a shirt tailor  tomorrow (or almost).

1. Measure Half Measure Vs.

The tailored shirt is made entirely from your measurements . To achieve, it is therefore necessary that all your actions be taken by a professional (a tailor or dressmaker).

In contrast, the half-measure shirt, as its name suggests, is made from pre-defined templates for which it is possible to adjust some ribs. If you have measurements “standard”, you can certainly turn to the half-measure but for a perfect result, opt for a shirt 100% customized.

2. Adjusted to your body

On this blog, we often repeat a shirt should be in your size and adjusted to your body size (cutting). With a customized shirt, you are certain not to go wrong and this shirt will put you in value would that not patronage. In addition, it will erase your prospective morphological asymmetries (almost everyone has one shoulder higher than the other …)

The advantage of this type of shirt is that it does not compromise between “freedom of movement / comfort” and”  style / elegance”.

3. A total customization

This is certainly the second element that will make a man turns to a bespoke shirt  : its customization . Indeed, it is possible to customize everything, from the choice of fabrics to choose from setbacks, passing for buttons, buttonholes, the cuffs , collars …

You will not leave any detail to chance. If this is your first time,  let yourself be guided by the tailor to avoid the likes of mistakes (and mostly want to take any “options” cost cost).

An example ? The combination of a collar with  French cuffs decidedly do not mix …

4. Quality

In general, it is clear that the quality of the piece largely supplant the models can be found in the ready-to-wear.This quality comes mainly from two factors:

  • the care taken in patronage
  • thequality of the installation (different sewing pattern pieces has a price …)
  • access tohigh quality fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, silk or cashmere.

5. The Price For The Long Term

So yes, a shirt custom made to a tailor cost some money (allow about 500 €), it will become easy for you to achieve your patronage to c ommander vote next shirt on the net . And because of this, you can make substantial savings.

You will understand, tailored shirt has no equal! Now if you are looking to acquire a tailored shirt in Strasbourg , Ma-Shirt-Man can help.