Best Smart Watch Buying Guide

A guide to extricate itself in choosing the best smartband, best smartwatch and best smart watches.

A wearable technology can be anything: a sock, a ring or a pair of glasses. The most developed branch of wearable though is definitely that of wrist gadgets. We then wanted to make a brief summary to explain what are the most interesting and why choose one of these gadgets.


What are the smartband? – Usually the smartband differ from the smartwatch for not having a screen and it cannot therefore indicate the time. In some cases there is a screen (which can also indicate the time), but the shape thinner and more limited functions. Smartband usually have a task: count your steps. By this feature, there are many possibilities, which usually relate to fitness, track sleep, alarm clocks, or through various software trace the food that you eat.

Why smartband? – The smartband are worn and there must be more peroccupare. Usually, just because they don’t have a screen, have higher self: from 4 to 15 days or more. Are interesting, if you are not interested in a genuine watch so you could give up a display to have a device less flashy, less cumbersome and with a greater autonomy.

What are the popular smartband? – The most famous smartband are definitely Jawbone UP24, FitBit, Xiaomi Mi Band and Sony SmartBand. There are however many other smartwatch wireless charger and the choice is very wide.

Pebble & c.

What is Pebble? – Pebble is a unique project and today is coming the second model: Pebble Time. This is an interesting hybrid when discussing smartwatch. Is yes a smartwatch, but the screen is not touch, because made of e-ink technology (color at Pebble). Allows you to receive notifications, has many different dials to download and autonomy is superior to other smartwatch. It will not be the most elegant, but is chosen by many people because it is equipped with a software stable and works well.

Why choose Pebble? – As said autonomy is certainly a virtue and, although the functions are not many, are all performed in a timely and accurate.

Which popular alternatives? When we talk about alternatives to Pebble, usually we talk about clones, such as Tommy. If you have to buy a similar product, our advice is to buy the original template.

Android Wear

What are the smartwatch Android Wear?- When you think of a smartwatch, to date those with Android Wear are probably the most popular. These devices get to watch many different shapes, with color screens and multiple functions. Mainly used to broaden the functions of the smartphone apps (of course only with Android) and interact with Google Now, Narrator of Google. They are among the most interesting devices because they have received much attention from developers who have integrated within their apps.

All have touchscreens and their autonomy in few cases exceeds the single day or two days.

Why choose a smartwatch Android Wear? – Mainly because you have an Android smartphone and you already know well the Android ecosystem, having good familiarity with Google Now. You can also choose one Android smarwatch wear for its aesthetics, since there are all kinds.

What are the most popular Android Wear smartwatch?- Now there are already quite a number of Android smartwatch Wear. Among the most interesting we report LG G Watch R, LG Watch, Motorola Moto 360 and ASUS ZenWatch.

Apple Watch

What is Apple Watch? – As is easy to understand Apple’s company smartwatch Watch from the bitten Apple. The functions are very similar to those described for Android Wear, with the obvious difference that only work with iOS. The product is certainly not cheap and has a high degree of autonomy, but precisely because it is made by Apple in the coming months (must still come out at the time of writing) there will definitely be a boom of accessories and applications for this device.

Why choose Apple Watch? -If your phone is an iPhone and you want a smartwatch that make the most of it, there aren’t many alternatives. Is an advantage then even the large unique customization of the device, from the perspective of the straps.

Other smartwatch

What are other smartwatch? – There are other smartwatch not listed in this list, which usually have proprietary operating systems of their respective companies. Are very different from one another and each has different features, but the list that we have just drawn up, usually resemble more the smartwatch Android Wear.

Why choose another smarwatch? – There are no drawbacks in buying a smartwatch is not Pebble, Android Wear and Apple Watch, just because the battle is still very open. Interesting the smartwatch WebOS Samsung or LG, those Chinese products cheaper Tizen, easy to find on the net.

What are the other most famous smartwatch?- The most interesting ones are definitely Samsung Gear S (which has a slot for SIM and allows you to make phone calls) and LG LTE Urban Watch.

Smart Watches

What are the smart watches? –The product is still not particularly developed, but generally concerns products which at first glance seem only of classic watches. Just for having an analog dial and not have any touch screen, usually have similar functions at smartband, with the advantage to have a genuine watch from which to look forward.

Why choose a smart watch? – These products are for those who mainly to his wrist watch, with a few smart algorithm. Usually the autonomy of these products is very high, up to several months.

What are the smart watches? – At the moment there are many already available. Us we report Withing Activité (with also the variant Pop) and Nevo Smartwatch.