Best Shirts Brand In The World

Is it Necessary to Present it?

Founded in the year of grace 1838, this ancient house known the escapades of the empire and the turmoil that have made our society. Swinging and adaptable, she was able to escape crowns of falls and other world wars.
After many moves, and a change of hand in 1965, the now historic shop sits proudly at 28 Place Vendôme, in the former mansion of the Gaillard Bouëxière.
the blouse Charvet manufactures, to the great of this world, the most beautiful shirts.

Once through the bearing, the effect is striking, as all entries in these prestigious sanctuaries of elegance, we are surprised by the feeling of timelessness that prevails. As if frozen by the prestige, the brand did not know the outside world.
Draped in his arrogance, out of sight, away from the heart of the buyer? Far from it.

This brand sniffs the air time with insight. The centuries have given him the opportunity to stand above versatile trends. Charvet is a rock of haberdashery.And the world knows it.
By chance the fashion clock, it turns out that right now, “youth” rediscover the elegance and dandyism Grandpa. Order books are full of young adventurers who sometimes will even sacrifice a temporary month to appropriate this little myth of what a Charvet shirt.

Opera metro stop down (for lack of Rolls-Royce softly padded). It runs along this beautiful street of Peace sanitized and austere bronze column shows its face.The shop welcomes the arrival of bystander on the place of the Sun King.

Ground floor: ready-to-wear. The colorful stalls nodes butterfly, ties and racks full of meticulously stacked scarves obvious visitor. As if the house wanted to show its vastness upon entry.
But this variety is only a foretaste. It is requested that is accessed by a quaint elevator to the floors where the living room of the haberdashery customized location.
We are in the middle of walls, shelves, furniture, full of diverse and varied fabrics. From floor to ceiling, everything is machine. True Charvet offers more than 6000 fabrics. The most baroque motifs in the purest poplin, armor the classic to the rarest weaving.


A phenomenal catalog, reputed to be the largest in the world, which is expanding every week new varieties. The fabrics come exclusively from Switzerland and Italy (the shadow of Loro Piana plane …).
They are stitching a thread connecting the fabric pieces of clothing. They are made by machine, not by reason of money – reviled word that has no place like home Charvet – but rather to ensure an absolutely straight course, it would be impossible to get working by hand . But above all, a sign of great quality clothing, stripes of a shirt sleeve will join those of the bust, according to the technique of “matching” to ensure flawless appearance and a faultless regularity of the pattern. A small refinement superfluous but so nice.

These many and varied explanations, one is taken to a small cozy living room and a seamstress is working to take your measurements. Do not try to cheat, arching torso or taking in the belly, his eye honed by decades of experience knows how to do. Check for shirt wearing types.

A multitude of steps later, has the choice of customizations of the shirt.

The neck: It is possible to elect its neck from an endless choice of varieties (the multitude is a specialty of the house). Some, not found elsewhere. Whales are neck-pearl, not “vulgar cellulose.” Of course, we are not talking here of heat-bonded interlining.

Headlines: One can choose rounded tips cuffs, pointed, with or without buttons forearm… Again attention to detail, whether you opt for French cuffs, and you write a lot, we advise you to shift the buttons to avoid being bothered by writing.Similarly for buttonholes, as usual cravat or not which you intend your shirt, placement of hooks will accordingly: all matter in the measurement.

Buttons: They are pearl, but not just any, of the heart of the shell – imported from Tahiti or Australia-to have the most milky white. Because according to the current President Charvet heiress, Anne-Marie Colban, buttons sailors are unsightly reflections on a shirt. taste. Engineered in France, they are then mounted on little “feet” cloth to facilitate buttoning and seam strength. One can choose from different types, but the button Charvet is still the most beautiful.

The tails of the shirt: shirts swathes rounded swallow’s nest, Charvet framed (a simple hemmed slot, sober and elegant), double S … You have here also spoiled for choice.

The details are finalized, the order recorded, plan a month or two for delivery.The customized service is a patient man pleasure.
Finally, if you are interested, and that you have adequate resources (as usual…), it is possible to be dressed head to foot in Charvet: socks, sweaters, shirts, trousers, suits, leggings, coats… the offer is great, as the brand.