Best Ping Pong Tables for the Money

Professional ping pong tables bring real game fun

Table tennis is a sport that represents a kind of miniature of the real tennis, because the game is almost the same. Only the bat, the ball and the net are a lot smaller than at the real tennis and a table is used instead of a tennis court, divided 4 small and 2 large playing fields. The ping pong ball is played it back and forth with the two sticks over the net and the player who scored the most points at the end wins the game. The table on which the game takes place, must meet some properties, to qualify as a table tennis table and to get the usage in official competitions. The table must have a length of 2.74 meters and a width of 1,525 metres. The table top must be located exactly 76.2 centimeters above the ground and in the Middle, a network must be clamped, that the table is divided into two halves.

Also the material from which the table top is, is crucial for the game. In any case, the plate must be absolutely horizontal and must not inclined on one side upwards or downwards. The surface must be flat and smooth, and must have no holes or similar. On a ping pong table, a ball that is dropped from a height of 30 cm on the table, must jump 22 to 25 centimeters. There to buy the plates not in any business, however numerous, larger stores offer a good selection of ping pong tables, which all correspond to the same, predetermined properties. The plates are sold mostly in a folded State, so that they can transport the customer better and the plate a lot is handy. It is present in different materials (e.g. stone), especially in different price ranges.

Many table tennis tables for professionals and amateurs

Table tennis for the professional sports have been standardized. The most plates for hobby table tennis players adapt to this standard and are therefore also 2, 74 m long and 1,525 m wide. The table surface 76, 2 cm above the heritage Oden is all table tennis tables. The distribution of two equal halves of the table using a table tennis net, which Centre is stretched across the table tennis. Each table half of the ping pong tables is therefore 1, 37 m long. The width is calculated over the entire table tennis and not changed thus, as a division of only in length, but not in width is obtained.

Ping pong tables are marked by white lines on the outer edges that define baseline and sidelines. They are always dark due to a reflection prevention, mostly of dark green or dark blue color. There are also models of stone, which are mostly on playgrounds or in parks, for this there is not the color requirement and they are mostly in grey color. You will find a variety of hobby and professional table tennis with us. Regardless of whether private to you, are looking for a kindergarten or a school, Sports Club, we have table tennis tables in various versions. One combines all table tennis tables from our House, a unique and optimal quality.