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 There are men’s trousers like sand on the sea. Every man has many different models in his closet. There are pants in range for every occasion and for every type of man, from casual chino to the leather and fabric pants. Pants can be long or short cut. The shorter models are best for the warmer seasons, holidays or special occasions. Men’s shorts can not only be colorful, wildly patterned fabric and with eye-catching prints, but also simple and plain. The bright colours and unique patterns are popular on the beach. During a walk through the town something must fall out like simple shorts. The traditional leather trouser, which is worn on the Oktoberfest, is also mostly short cut. Man’s pants are mostly long cut. The cargo pants are characterized by large pockets on the pants legs. It is also loosely cut and suitable for everyday use. Men, who want to be elegantly dressed, will find some matching models at the fabric – like the chino pants. For the work, as well as for a chic leisure look these pants are suitable. They come in many colors and sizes.