Best Lightweight Summer Pants

With this heat, difficult to always find the right outfit to combine holding office and comfort with high temperatures. For those who are not followers of skirts or dresses in the office, nothing beats the slacks. But be careful, we must choose it so that it does not take too hot and it becomes unpleasant.

Cotton Will Be Your Best Ally

And yes, the cotton is natural . And whatever may be said, it’s still much more comfortable than synthetic. Already it’s less sweat and more is a material that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day. You can consider that from 98% cotton, the pants will be comfortable to wear.

# 1 The Gauchos Or 7/8 Color

Practical and casual, capris or pants 7/8 is doing very easily even at the office. A nice pair of open sandals or a pair of ballet flats , a nice printed top and voila to have a proper look in all circumstances.

 # 2 The Fluid Pants

The fluid trousers is more difficult to wear to the office because it connotes a lot more relaxed and zen. However, everything depends on your craft and clothing freedoms that you can tune. Anyway, worn during hot weather, it is a joy to be able to wear pants and a fluid that does not stick to the skin. Pair with ballet flats or flat sandals open.

# 3 Trousers 100% Linen

After cotton, linen, a light material for warm days. Very light, stylish and exclusive hand out glasses star and pretty shoes and you will believe you on the Internetdict who invented the pants. Anyway, once adopted in summer the trousers Lin will quickly replace the jeans.

At least for the summer, opt for natural materials. Avoid clothing absolutely 100% viscose (because it’s a very fast Crinkle) or 100% polyester because it lacks comfort. Feel free to vary the length of your pants and cuts to reuse the pep to your wardrobe.