Best Fitting Affordable Dress Shirts

To guide you in your choice, here is a brief selection of shirts by budget. Everyone will find happiness. It includes both the formal shirts and casual shirts and is deliberately limited: the selection word implies that touched the cam, so you can go safely.

First and foremost, 2 requirements for this selection:

As natural: Limit your shirt in the polyester, especially in spring / summer.It will make you sweat, and halos, except when they float above your head, are rarely elegant.

Simple basic: A rule to remember to be sure not to mislead you: do not try to integrate the shirts more than two. In color, avoid having three, four or more colors (except some checkered shirts).

Shirts less than 50 euros

Careful to avoid Xoos, the king of the shirt and cheap ostentatious fantasy: Learn to spot these traps street because there are many in this price range.

British blouses

You can have blind confidence in English as blouses Tyrwhitt, TM.Lewin andHaw and Curtis .

You just know that they usually make straight cuts: If you want the adjusted, so feel free to choose their extra slim cuts.

Their fancy and casual patterns are not very interesting: just stick your home with sound values of the formal, that is to say, the united and vertical stripes.

Their interest is that you can purchase 3 for 50-70 pounds depending on the brand, which allows you to make a small stock of basic. Only drawback, the cut is traditional and quite right, therefore, pay attention to choose the most slims.


If you can go to their flagship rue Scribe, you can rely on their shirts oxford button-down and also their flannel shirts of cotton , one of the best quality / price on the matter.


The quality is impeccable: it shows the level of finishes that even inside of the shirt are without flaws.

Attention by cons: it large in size. A good 1m75 and 60 kg are needed for the S.

The light blue shirt is a basic course for a formal men’s shirt as defined by ProgramingPlease, and you can make it a little more original with a round neck: it is a discreet but interesting geometric effect as well buttoned collar unbuttoned under a costume.

The grounds are a good opportunity to try out colors that you were not used to, such as pink, red or purple. Colors that can sometimes find too effeminate if used in a United shirt. Available here.

The Vichy pattern has also the advantage of being more versatile and can be worn both at work that evening.

Men between 50 and 100 euros

It’s a little bastard interval between the entry level and shirts to more than 100 euros

Two brands for this market: Balibaris, specializing in basic, and COS, the branch average of the range of H & M.


COS, the premium brand of H & M offers shirts from 59 euros a bargain if you have a somewhat difficult morphology, for example that you are a bit small and stocky. The cut is slim and the sleeves are slightly shorter than in the ready-to-wear traditional.

COS shirts have the advantage of being suitable for many different body types. From only 59 euros, they are suitable for example particularly small sizes with curved cuts and sleeves shorter than average. If you can try in store before buying online: stores are based in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Strasbourg.

The sizes are the same as and the seasons, you will be quiet once you find yours.

The basic white shirt, I especially like the buttonhole hidden: it’s called a covered placket. When the shirt buttons are nothing special (eg wood, mother of pearl or coconut) is a relatively elegant addition.


Created in 2010 Balibaris is a good brand if you are looking for versatility.She produced in Europe and works by specialty and area of expertise: cashmere in Scotland, formal shirts in Italy, chambray shirts in Italy but also with the original American chambray fabric.

Previously exclusively online, their first shop was opened rue de Marseille Tuesday, September 4th.

Versatile, it also goes well with a suit with a v-neck sweater or cardigan. If you want to wear both at work and in the evening, it is important to select a well cut (but not skin-tight focus) with an intermediate length that allows you to wear it tucked in without it pops and exit without looking ridiculous. Expect generally between 5 and 10 cm below the waist.

You privilégierez when the temperature returns to mount (spring / summer) It includes all the codes of workwear and well sleeves rolled up and out of the pants, with a slightly indented shirt underneath. This is the alternative to the plaid shirt (which sometimes Scandinavian or Canadian lumberjack and is more characteristic of the autumn / winter).

The workwear, authentic and masculine, it is part of the universe Far West and Americana at least the same as a Levi’s 501 composition side, it is made of blue cotton string with a built-in white thread weaving, which makes it really comfortable.

Shirts Between 100 and 150 Euros

It is the ideal range with a really important choice: you will find plenty to do for all uses. I sorted some designer brands, and traditional brand.

Melinda Gloss

The shirts of this brand are distinguished by a clean cut, with sometimes a bit long sleeves. It innovates much on the fabric: cotton voile, cotton flannel, cotton and wool, cotton Japanese etc…

Details are varied: wood buttons, horn, vegetable ivory cotton.

A shirt Melinda Gloss easily lasts several years: I wear some of mine since 2009 and despite some abuse, as many dry cleaners, they have not moved.

Small selection:

Paris Commune

The registry is the most valuable and serious Melinda Gloss, already through the material used, often a super soft cotton poplin or fine flannel, and also through the grounds a bit darker.

Both shirts have caught my attention: the Cluseret shirt, diversion of financial shirt with small red tiles and a neck bulging in the cotton button that gives a real touch of elegance. But also Gambon shirt, gray flannel cotton and wood buttons: I love the contrast of colors and mix of workwear finishes (button-down collar, chest pocket) with wooden buttons.

Turnbull and Asser

Back to British blouses: it is the one used by the Princes Charles. If you want a foolproof basic, you can darken. The lifespan of these shirts is measured in ten years and are fully manufactured in the UK.

Now you are left with that hiring a housekeeper to iron your shirts or heat your iron if you are already a pro ironing…