Best Fashion Shopping Tips

Summertime is vacation time. but summer time is also read time and bargain time. Because at the end of July and early August, many fashion items from the summer collections offered at a reduced price. Finally, the summer clothing must make the Autumn trends place. But what you should now read and which clothes are worthwhile to buy now?

Of course, I am particularly if you use the summer-sun days to pout when Modeflüsterin. Therefore, I have prepared today a small summery “Best of” for you that meets both requirements: Read the best articles of indexdotcom about summer and holiday clothes and see itself, which timeless summer classics I for you – have picked – each fitting to the theme!Among them are very many garments that are offered currently reduced. Maybe something suitable is yes for you, one that will also accompany the next summer season? I would be glad.


My “Best of Summer” -Leseliste for you

Fashion tips for your holiday trip to the beach or lake
I certainly hope that you either already are on holiday or at least travel soon. There are a number of helpful tips when Modeflüsterin that you may not know about. One of the important questions that resurfaces every season is: What should I wear on holiday? And what I need to pack? Get help:

  • In the article ” 7 Steps to basic wardrobe for a beach holiday ” you will find a practical guide on how to put together your holiday wardrobe.
  • To help you remember important, helps the checklist ” pack your bags for the beach holiday “.
  • And if you want to see how I put together my holiday wardrobe, then you take their inspiration from the article ” Fashion Memory: Basic outfits for summer “.
  • If you still need inspiration, what clothes you on the beach or lake stylish rain, then check out some games the contribution ” The best 8 Cover-ups for the beach and sea ” to. At the end of the contribution you will find a current range of tunics, long blouses, shorts and casual pants, which you can use for your holiday feeling. The beauty of it: all are currently reduced – even high-priced luxury models!

Fashion tips so that you can show in the summer figure
The one or other figurative hiccups you should never stop them from enjoying the summer to the fullest. There is also here on the blog a few useful tips:

  • Many of the typical, small proportional shifts can bring in the form itself with the right underwear, such as the contribution ” Summer lingerie: What underwear you need now? ” Vividly shows.
  • A common figure Dilemma Women with strong legs, if they want to wear summer dresses and skirts to bare legs. But for there are a number of solutions you the article ” Summer legs: 14 Tips for strong calves and ankles ” refer. The paper itself can be found already a selection of matching summer shoes for strong legs. Additional copies currently reduced, I have for you at the shopping tips provided the Modeflüsterin together.

No matter what figure type you are: There is no reason to hide your body in summer! You just need the right cut for bikini or swimsuit and it is just feel good – no matter what weight class you are.

  • If you are still looking for the right swimwear for your figure type, you are in the article ” swimwear Checklist: What bikinis and swimsuits are your figure type? ” Finds – including a recent selection of figure-friendly swimsuits currently reduced.

Fashion tips for stylish summer outfits
To combine stylish summer outfits, you must first know which style suits you. And then you need a few fashion tricks on how to implement the desired look clever. It will help the following tips:

  • Assistance in finding your own personal fashion style for summer recreation is available in the summer Blog Project ” Find your style “. In six contributions will see renowned fashion bloggers on 30, 40 and 50 years of how they define their summer leisure style. In the first article, “How to Find Your Style (Part 1): The manual” it starts. It’s worth taking!
  • There is no other color that is worn so much in summer and white. So that you and your figure looks even better come in white to advantage, you will see the posts ” 4 fashion tricks like the complete look in white interesting and slender style ” and ” How to wear outfits in white: 10 Style -Tips and 6 blunders “how it works.

Another tip to: An actual garment that is preferably supported in White, is the blouse in boho style . The finest specimens of the online stores, which are also suitable for adult Hippie Ladies, you will find in my shopping tips .

  • A simple formula for stylish summer outfits will help you to obtain your own personal style mix even better grip: ” To style chic summer outfits with the 1-2-3-trick “. Try it out!

Fashion tips on how to survive the summer in the office stylish

  • If you are among the many working women who can schedule a vacation in the summer, but cavort even at high temperatures in the office, the contribution is expected to ” Summer in the office: 6 Fashion Tips for hot business days ” for you to be just right ,

Fashion tips which Basics enrich your summer wardrobe
go to timeless fashion basics at Modeflüsterin quite many contributions. However, a few clothes are just for the summer basic wardrobe – whether for holiday or office – particularly suitable. Among them are especially dresses that are cut airy and figuratively advantageous and a T-shirt Classic:

The wrap dress is an all-purpose weapon for women of all body types and for lots of occasions. Everything about this classic, get in a small blog series of four articles:

  • ” The wrap dress: A dress for all occasions “
  • ” Fashion-Basic Wrap Dress: cuts and silhouettes of the figure-flatterer “
  • ” Fashion-Basic Wrap Dress: The most important advice for every figure ” and
  • ” Fashion Checklist: shopping tips for wrap dresses “.

So that you find your perfect wrap dress! And if you like, then take a look at my small selection of current wrap dresses that you see at the end of posts each. Some of them are also just reduced.

The second dress I will be happy to put his heart, is the shirt dress. Even so can be assembled very many summer looks, as I explained to you recently.

  • If you do not know the two contributions: Perhaps you have in the coming summer days time for that, “the mini-blog series The Shirt Dress: A Fashion Basic for each figure ” to read?
  • A A-line dress is always an airy and figure-friendly affair in the summer. A copy of this budget-friendly clothes, read the article ” Style Check: An A-line dress for your summer wardrobe basic .”

But please note: It really is in this post is just an example! Even if I have received a lot of inquiries avid readers about this dress: Unfortunately I do not know where the dress can be found and where there is a pattern to it. But I have put together a few different dresses with slight A-line at the end of the contribution. For leisure, office and ceremonial events, single-colored, patterned, decorative details, short- or long-sleeved, in mini- or maxi-length – there are a wide variety of models. Maybe yes one of them your favorite?
Last but not least: A summer classic that probably never goes out of fashion, is the striped shirt. It is very versatile and gives any outfit instantly the cheerful holiday summer sun touch.

  • All you need to know about the striped shirt, see the article ” The Ringel-Shirt: A fashion classic for your basic wardrobe “. And at the end of the article, you can browse in a current range of striped shirts then.

So, that was my “best-of” list for your summer reading. I certainly hope that I could give you a little more guidance with this summary. For if in the meantime so many posts in Modeflüsterin to find that it has become a bit difficult to find their way – especially for new readers.

And because so many people will want me more shopping tips, I have this time a lot of time invested in order to provide you with the latest recommendations can. Unfortunately, many pieces that are now reduced to sell and sometimes only available in a few sizes. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can still save your favorite part. And if you feel like it, then tell me briefly in the comments that special summer garment  has found its way to you!

I myself am going to now withdraw on the deck chair – but not to read, but to the next blog post of Modeflüsterin prepare … Prepare to be Amazed! I wish you the time being a nice, relaxing summer!