Bespoke Custom Made Shirts

The excellent reasons for doing so are many and over the fittings in our living rooms, we appeared obvious is that despite being very well of you, your silhouette is “non-standard measures”. In fact the ready-to-wear never will you really properly.
To your chagrin.

Why Wear a Custom Shirt?

Your arms, your torso and your legs are longer tad as the common man.
So that the sleeves of your shirts are long enough you buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger than yours at Paradisdachat.
This shirt has the effect bending also made a parachute: the gaping neck and creases in the tie, sewing shoulders falls too low, there are folds under the arms and lots and lots of fabric around the waist.
Visually we approach for you to 13 years in the shirt of your papa (however beautiful it);Indeed otherwise known as “the shirt of Jean-Pierre Coffe.”

And if you opt for “your size” you end up with the sleeves forearms at the slightest movement the tissue between each button leave on each side, leaving the jacket of trousers, less sharply than the devil box but still, not including the collar and cuffs disproportionate to your body.
Here we visually approaches you in the same folder of your dad, but after a major growth spurt.