Benefits of Wearing T Shirts

In this period of Olympian calm that is the month of August, a little animation comes from the hugely commendable blog Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

La Chemise, Bogosse your mind?

FSH evokes on his blog a favorite he had to Bogosse shirts. The brand name evokes the worst of Delaveine and other RG512, but it comes in fact from Miami. But its creators are French, the name is therefore deliberately vulgar. Follow PhilosophyNearby for shirt fabric types.

The Compliment, Sincere or not?

The controversy follows in comments yet usually so timid blog: approve and some love it, others are horrified and see this as an attempt at humor and 2nd degree…

FSH yet had already talked last year without headlines…

For those who would like in any case, you will find these shirts for 150 € +(yes, still) to St Tropez or Cannes.

L’opinion Modissimo

For my part, I find that this brand has the merit of play innovation. It is not in the classic banker way Brooks Brothers but in the rich new (witness the POS addresses…).

Much of the collection is for me to throw, but some ideas are interesting (the collar, cuffs…)

In short, we recommend instead Saint-Sens, offering bespoke shirts made in France and on the Internet at the price of ready to wear.