Benefits of Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that the silk pillowcase is a secret weapon to wake up to with a better look and healthier hair? What I like best is that in addition to bringing health benefits, the silk pillowcase also helps in sleep, since it is the most comfortable and breathable fabric that exists, can be used in both cold and heat.

The only problem is the price, while you can spend $ 5.00 to buy a simple pillowcase, on the silk pillowcase you spend something around $ 110.00 to $ 150.00 for only one side of the pillowcase made of 100% mulberry silk (note this name!). If you want the entire 100% natural silk pillowcase, you will spend somewhere around $ 250 to $ 500.00 depending on the amount of silk ‘momme’. Momme-is the unit of measure of the weight of silk, the bigger, more luxurious and more expensive the product.

It is expensive and is considered a luxury item, but fabricating silk is not an easy process. The silk thread is made from the cocoon of the butterfly caterpillar, the most common being mulberry silkworm, which accounts for 95% of world production.

Your face and hair has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric, so if you want to maintain the appearance of the face and healthy hair, choosing the pillowcase to sleep is very important. We’ve posted a blog post here talking about 5 ways to protect your hair while sleeping and one of the most important tips is the silk pillowcase that goes beyond protecting the hair.

For Your Hair

Being an ultra soft fabric, the silk does not graze in your hair as do the synthetic fabrics, your hair slips on the silk and this does not cause frictions other than not letting the hair bind. This benefit is enhanced when the silk is really pure, which gives it a softness and smoothness even more.

One of the main secrets of pure silk is the ability to maintain the natural moisture in the hair which does not happen on cotton pillowcases. This is because sericin (silk protein) can adhere to keratin, skin protein and hair, creating an inconspicuous homogeneous protective film.

For Your Skin

Silk is not a man-made product, it is completely natural and as a consequence is hypoallergenic, ie free of substances like mites, bottoms and mold that may cause some allergic reaction.

Unlike other fabrics, silk comes from an animal and contains amino acids that are compatible and friendly to human skin.

Silk also absorbs moisture and fits comfortably at room temperature, meaning you can stay cool in both summer and winter.

It also helps maintain the natural moisture of your skin. Ideal for saving money on expensive moisturizing creams to retain moisture.

Another benefit is reducing exposure to chemicals. We live constantly in contact with chemicals, but you can reduce that exposure during your night’s sleep. Silk is produced from domesticated silkworms, born and bred in captivity. They have no predators to defend themselves and are spoiled throughout their lives, helping to produce a fine silk fiber with very little exposure to chemicals. In contrast, other tissues on the market are produced from chemically intensive crops that require pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments.

Lastly, silk also helps reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Worth The Investment?

If you are thinking of investing in a piece of bedding, start with the silk pillowcase for providing a number of benefits at a not-so-high cost. Aside from doing well for your health and beauty, there is nothing better than feeling that soft, luxurious, and luxurious sensation on your skin when you go to bed.

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