Belly Armor – Boxer Shorts Protects against Cell Phone Radiation

The company named Belly Armor has presented recently an innovation for men. This is an innovative Boxer shorts with the men to protect their best piece from dangerous cell phone radiation.

While the boxers reverts to the same method as used to protect vital organs from radiation in x-rays. This belly armor promises anti-bacterial material which is light, breathable and easy to wash. The company promises to provide 99% protection against dangerous cell phone radiation as the highlight and main selling point. Especially frequent callers might in the long term by the innovative boxers of the future benefit. Learn how the RadiaShield boxer short looks and works exactly, and you read in this article with us on future trends.

Radiashield – Boxer Shorts Protects His Best Piece

Cell phone radiation, so far it is Yes not yet proven, but many suspect it seems for a long time being anything but healthy for the human body. Often held against the ear researchers suggest that mobile phones may cause tumors in the brain, but also in your Pocket you not sure is driven by mobile phones, smartphones, and so on before. Especially men use their power with the Mitsichführen of smartphones on the game. For this reason the company chose belly armor, which manufactures products used for the preservation of X-ray radiation for a long time for hospitals, to develop another business area and to experiment a little with underwear around. It came out are products for men and women, which protects people from everyday radiation. Pregnant women can access a protective sheath for the belly belt, men on Boxer shorts himself. The boxers were according to the company of the best seller among the products that are available. With a 99% efficiency, the RadiaShield should keep products dangerous mobile phone and daily radiation from the body.

Belly armor Boxer shorts for $49 to have

There’s the innovative Boxer shorts for everyday radiation protection on the manufacturer’s website for $49 to buy. When you consider that Boxer shorts can be purchased in the usual trading for a few euros, a happ-price. Nevertheless, one must say that the idea itself of course is good and she also can withdraw over the course of a life. The products with the RadiaShield technology work and the radiation from cell phones and microwaves can fend successfully and reliably, we assume times. Another question is whether you will spend $ 49 by shorts . For expectant mothers, however, the purchase of a RadiaShield belt in any case is worth considering, because one can always wear the belt and must change these not daily. Bottom line: An interesting idea that apparently very well received among men, but definitely makes sense for women.

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