Beauty: A

Marcos Costa, official makeup artist Natura, is one of the beauty artists more friendly in the universe of fashion. Always friendly and available, he is also responsible for creating stunning beauties and sometimes enigmatic. In this latest edition of the SPFW, Marcos signed the beauty of four parades: Ronaldo Fraga, Lino Villaventura, Fernanda Yamamoto and a by Raquel Davidowicz. Some had elaborate props in the head, others were pure and feminine, like the fashion show of a.

As the collection of Rachel Davidowic brought a strong inspiration from art primitiva, Marcos have opted to use two tones such as: old gold and silver. And, according to the makeup artist, this is one of its main bets for the year. “I think the gold old adapts to different situations. The pigment, gold and bronze with a touch of graphite is versatile and can be used on the runway or in a marriage”, explains.

And while bet on old gold+graphite, he made an interesting joke between the hot and the cold. “I’ve always liked this mixture. I think it suits the brazilian skin and finish ensuring a result Joker”, says Marcos Costa according to

The beauty of a, Marcos used the duo of shadows high cintilância Natura Una. The colors of this duo are intense and give a Pearlescent effect, high lightness. “If you use the shade wet, she is brighter and shinier still”suggests. But, he points out: “it’s not 80 years style! The old gold and silver together result in a very sophisticated”.

And finally, eyelashes, mask a little bit lower and us multiple layers on top, to lift the look and increase. The result was amazing, right? Let’s copy?