Bath towels

Bath towels – large towels for the sauna session can be used

Bath towels are XXL towels. They are used for example in the sauna, on the beach or in the swimming pool. A towel is a useful companion when leads the way, for example, in the sauna. There, the cloth can be used due to the size as clothing between sauna sessions, because the proportions for large saunas should be sufficient. Also in the pool, a beach towel is ideal. It repeatedly dries down is between bad courses, the large towel can dry the water, without this right all become too wet.

A beach towel with you to the beach. Not only to dry off, also to darauf lying it is ideal. Best just leaving a towel per person in the car, then be prepared for spontaneous trips to the beach. In our assortment you will find high-quality towels made of cotton. This fluffy stuff is very absorbent and soft. So that everyone can find the right size, you can choose between various designs with us. The fun is not too short, we carry wide variety of colors such as red, blue or yellow. But also copies with fun and colorful designs are available, so that your children will find the matching bath towels for the beach trip!