Easy-grip hockey stick for fast hockey player

Already in the 12th century the paddle and ball game of the Egyptians, who played it first, had spread to after France. At this time, called the play ‘Hoquet’. According to its form, the name of the hockey stick was derived from the appropriate utensil. Hoquet comes from the old French, meaning Shepherd stock. The hockey stick is the most important accessory of a hockey player. Each of the 11 field players in a field hockey game is equipped with one. This wood has long been the dominant material of any such Club. Today, the most hockey sticks are made of different plastic connected. This gives them not only a higher durability, they can be brought even more easily because of the material into the desired shape. Due to an increased sense of ball hockey player on hockey stick made of wood but swear until today. In addition to a bat is a certain protective clothing of advantage, but it is not as comprehensive as those of the goalkeeper. The protection in the hockey game is a top priority. Therefore, direct physical contact between the players is not permitted. The ball may be taken as a priority only with the hockey stick.

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