Barba Napoli Shirts

Luigi Borrelli

The great Borrelli tradition began in 1900 with Anna Borrelli, which manufactures and distributes shirts from his home in Naples, Italy. She further made from a small workshop she turned with her son, Luigi.It is through this small matter Luigi learns all the details of making a shirt Neapolitan. In 1957, he started his own company, now run by his son Fabio.
The brand that invented the swallow
Hand making also includes applying contrasting swallows ba s and sewing mother of pearl buttons with the famous foot seam hen. it is estimated that it is typical of Naples, but it’s actually Borrelli who introduces. This was the basis of making a mistake Anna Borrelli on prototypes, the workshops continued to apply. Similarly, the swallow was introduced by Anna Borelli, to add true sustainability and allow greater flexibility in the sitting position.
The box now produces a line of ready to wear men entirely handmade in more folders.

An industrialized mounting

Flash forward a decade later: now the shirts are made by machine. The buttons are always hand-sewn, but the headstock is not mounted by hand. A fairly important detail because it is a bit characterizes basic expertise Neapolitan.

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Barba Napoli et Buonamassa Napoli

Barba Napoli is one of the oldest brands of Neapolitan shirts, founded by the Barba brothers, Antonio and Vittorio. The quality of their shirts is such that demand quickly exceeded Naples to extend throughout Italy. Today, the brand exports to the United States, Japan and United Arab Emirates.

Barba has three different lines. Barba black label, Barba and gold label line Buonomassa line gold Barba is comparable to brands like Borrelli in terms of build quality (in terms of number of handmade operations) and tissues

Black Label line contains more fitted cuts with higher armhole. The fabrics of the Buonomassa line are as good as the models from Kiton (with the famous Riva tissue).

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With Isaia, we arrive in the very high end of Neapolitan tailoring: their experience in fabric dates back to the 20, while making existed since 1957. Isaia has mainly been noted for impeccable lines, cutting-breasted suits breath and finally patterns and colors tapes to the eye but always tasteful. This is one of the premium brands in the most assertive style (short, do not buy your first suit there).

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The shop Saraf Saraf turn is more representative of the casual style of Isaia with a nice variety of patterned tiles (mainly found some Scottish tartans really well executed).


Mattabisch is a trademark owned by Kiton. Thus a lot of quality signs. A good cloth, pearl buttons, a rise armhole hand and a perfectly proportioned neck. Shirts of this brand on Directoryaah are also a little less slim than other Italian brands. There are also fewer handmade operations during their manufacture, which allows a much more affordable price.

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