Baggy jeans

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An absolute must in the closet of not only the male youth is the men’s Baggy jeans. The Baggy Jeans due to the pleasant wide and loose wearing comfort are popular. They are therefore very well for skateboarders. But not only the skaters wear Baggy Jeans for men like, but every young person, which puts much emphasis on comfortable and modern trousers, will be thrilled by her. The pants legs at the thighs are far and easily cut, also the step of the pants is located in the middle of the thigh. The men’s Baggy Jeans sits on the hip. Like the fashionable young gentlemen wear a belt with these jeans.

Of course, the model in many variations of the famous brands for streetwear fashion, as well as the well-known jeans brand is produced. In all known jeans colors, there’s the men’s Baggy jeans, also we have in our extensive range. Who prefer wearing a baggy with traces of use, finds these models with us. Offered is the men’s Baggy Jeans in various washes, in part, the new jeans in used look exhibit also cracks or holes. The models of course to the popular skater shoes or fashion sneakers can be combined. A fashionable T-Shirt or a hoodie rounds off the cool picture.