Bag Or Purse For Every Occasion

There are many models and kinds of handbags or purses and the idea is not that you return you an expert regarding these accessories, it is do a recognition models and kinds of handbags or purses, have a guide for use indicated in each place and occasion.

Note This example, a woman with a beautiful, expensive and elegant long dress, linda for an important occasion in his life, dressed in a giant bag of black leather hanging on his shoulder causing a disastrous look.
So should start a bag or purse for every occasion: there are bags or purses for the office, to the beach, to attend parties and up to go dancing.

That varies between them is usually the size, is also important to consider the material and quality with which are made, this a good guide, to find the right. For example a wallet in leather with handles for carrying hand, of a medium size with fine and discrete closures, will be a perfect bag to carry to work with a beautiful tailor and leather heels.
And a bag of large size printed fabric made with waterproof material internal, a great closing and tote bag style, is an ideal bag for the beach. Since there you can keep everything you need for your Sun bath and being made in waterproof fabric weight will be light and you will take all wet and you’ll be sure that nothing is damaged.

The bags or wallets to attend elegant parties tend to be very small, only can take essentials, a gloss or lip, a powder and cell.

Type purses are usually decorated small details in glass or shiny envelope or triangle that make them look wonderful and be the ideal complement to a great costume. They can be hand or have elegant long straps for carrying on the shoulder, most used for this type of event colors are black, the silver and the gold and usually make game with accessories. An example, if you are going to wear a cute accessory for necklace and earrings in gold or gold, the ideal portfolio will be a golden envelope.

The bags or wallets to go out at night with friends, are intermediate in size between an envelope and a small wallet, it is ideal, having a long strip to carry Cross and size allow you carry enough for an incredible evening. Remember to bring your papers of identification, credit cards, a shine and a powder that can not miss, the keys of the House… in the end, few things but all super important.

It is recommended that portfolio can use it cross, so you will not have to leave on the table, nor are thinking in a locker for storage, so it is ideal to be fine elegant and useful because it will be part of your look all night, even while you dance.

Now that you have this little guide about the bags or purses, play to coordinate them with your clothes, it looks radiant and successful in every place.