Baby Sophie Giraffe Toy

Created in France in the 60s, Sophie the giraffe is a very popular toy in its country of origin, where there is a child growing up without him. However, just recently the rctoysadvice has gained fame abroad, and its popularity was so great that today it is normal to see baby pictures of major international stars with giraffe original at hand.

But because a toy so simple has gained many fans worldwide? Its features, functions and objectives explain the great success of this product, which today is still done by hand and retains its original appearance.

Stays with us to know a little better this amazing toy for baby that is on everyone’s lips!

The giraffe Sophie is designed to develop the different senses of the child since birth. There are dark spots in the body of the giraffe and this contrast color and it looks fun to attract more children. The child’s ear is subjected to a stimulus in addition: when pressing the toy toy, I hear a sound that helps the child understand the concept of cause and effect.

Olfactory level, the characteristic smell of rubber Hevea (also known as Ficus Elastica) is very pleasant and stimulating for children. Sophie the giraffe is made of a soft material and small, very pleasant to touch and easy to manipulate for baby, with reliefs on the neck and legs.

This toy is especially recommended for the initial phase of teething, at which time the giraffe Sophie can play a very important role. Today, many parents give their children, Sophie the giraffe instead you look for traditional for children teething ring. Its soft texture will surely help to ease the pain and discomfort of inflamed gums and sore due to the appearance of the first tooth. In addition, the paws and ears have a size adequate for the hands of children, and make it very natural for them to grab the toy and take it in my mouth. His long legs enable reaching the molars, which when begin to appear are synonymous with considerable dismay for children. And there is no problem to be constantly sucking or biting this teether toy, which is made from a 100% natural material and his paintings are edible. And then, a hypoallergenic product and completely safe.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why Sophie has become the world’s most famous toy giraffe!