Baby slings

The sling, the alternative to the pushchair

Fresh baked mothers have a deep basic instinct, which requires physical contact to the child. In the safe home close to their offspring for them means a deep and satisfying, she are along the way the security, close to have the child in the case and to be able to protect it the young mother. Baby Slings are ideal to be able to give you this feeling. Them by mother and child are simply wrapped around the body and keep the small breast to breast with the mother, if she is on the road. It is similar to this as a baby carrier and allows the mother, ergonomic and healthy to carry their child. Attitude problems are can not evolve thanks to the carrying cloth, because of the mother’s body will be charged right.

The sling can fix the young but also on the back when it is bound accordingly. The mother carries her little such as a backpack, then charged to the strong muscles of the shoulders, which copes well with virtually any load. Also in this position has the mother body contact with the baby and can feel it at any time if she want to feel safe. She knows that she’s close to her and that she could protect it if the case occurs.