Baby Sippy Cup with Name

Practical drinking cups for your toddler

The transition from the bottle to the glass takes place mostly on the way of a child-friendly Cup. One need hardly teach the child how you drink from a glass, but it masters the transition significantly better when it gets an age-appropriate equipment.

Cups for children are important, for example, for entry into kindergarten, because they should be brought for hygienic and psychological reasons, even. You should buy them best before the kindergarten period so that can get the child to him. In this way, he becomes the familiar subject matter, with which it can identify themselves. In this age, this is important, because the children develop a liking and want may develop also this.

Most importantly, the chalice is a subject which is important in the kindergarten. The least kindergartens which have for the children, they can be themselves with you. The reason that the children have something familiar to, if they are to meet new peers — which gives them security and shows them that the kindergarten is a place where they are well catered for and which you want to do only good.

Moreover, it is also hygienic, when each child only from the own Cup drinks, because germs spread rapidly among kindergarten children.