Baby Carriage in Orlando: Buy or Rent?

Baby stroller in Orlando is a must-can not deny! There is no way to talk about Disney, Orlando, shopping, and not talking about the options that exist for him to go there with a small child. Believe me, if your child is less than 7 years old, he will hardly be able to walk long in the parks, outlets and so on. And make no mistake, no matter how big the child is, she will inevitably take a nap during the ride! So let’s talk about cart? After all, what is better: take, buy or rent ?

For me, getting out of here is bullshit. But this is my opinion, okay? It’s that, in the first place, I think everyone who goes there, comes back with a lot of luggage, and does not want to go with extra weight already! When the child is under three years, the cart does not count as luggage , it is fact;You get to the door of the plane, delivery to the stewardess (who holds in a certain place separate from the checked luggage) and picks up the plane exit.But the point is that you will have something extra to carry with you, in addition to the bags, on your way … And if the child is big, the airline may not understand how necessary the cart is, And count as suitcase.On the return, in that case, the solution would be to leave the cart there, and I suspect you would not do that.

Even because we usually have good (and expensive) strollers . Using a top cart there will reduce his lifespan – especially if your puppy is already heavy, and the stroller is not ideal for long walks.To save for another child or to donate, in this case, it becomes more difficult, because you run the risk of bringing the cart you took super conserved now all destroyed … Unless he is very old, leaving there is also out of the question, right?But if you have those kind of umbrellas, very light, and he’s old, okay, take it and leave it there … Or do not even take it!Because in Orlando you find these very cheap style strollers (if you want to stop not to bring more things, you will not weigh in your pocket or in your conscience and you will not need it!), And they may be better than what you have Here (you can bring it back and exchange it for yours!).

Anyway, take I never took. But renting is worth it ?Well, the first time we went with Leo, he was 3 years old and we wanted to buy, but with the rush of arrival and such, we could not find a cool one in the first days.They were all too small for his size.We ended up renting in the parks for about 4 days.The carts of the parks of Disney and those of the others are equal, only the color changes.And you always have the option for one child only, or for two.

But I do not recommend this alternative. This cart is uncomfortable for the child, hard, does not recline, bad for sleeping! And do the math with me: every day cost $ 15 – four days gave a total of $ 60! If I’m not mistaken, now it’s more expensive, and it ‘s a value spent just to use the cart in the park, because the shopping day is gone !I remember spending 5 or 10 dollars renting cart in the outlet!

But then the ideal is to buy?

Yes, especially when your baby is small or up to two or three years old. Because the umbrella stands are sold in supermarkets or specialty stores (like Baby R Us ) starting at $ 20! It’s very cheap! Here’s an example:

If you want to spend another 10 or 15 dollars you can have even more comfort for the child – you have everything that is kind! This down below costs $ 39.99.

It was a very similar (from the same Cosco brand!) That we bought on the first trip, after the rent at the beginning of the trip. We went to a Walmart and bought for $ 15 at the time. It did not close umbrella, but it had the basket to store things underneath (it was a very big suitcase that we took), recline and was very light and easy to carry to and fro. Negative point? He leaned back little … We had to throw the cart and support it somewhere (such as the wall and the foot of the uncle!) So that Leo was comfortable. What’s more, he was at the size limit for a 3-year-old.

The second time, we chose those even simpler. We even thought about comfort and searched for better strollers, but we did not think we needed to spend $ 80 or $ 100 on it. The cart was also on the limit for Leo, this time at 4, but held on, hanging backpacks and even bags! In fact, hanging or tying different things is a strategy to find the cart in the parking lots of the attractions, always crowded !!!

Although he did not recline, he had a nice curvature, and Léo slept well just by supporting a sweater or covering on the side. Only, as the little one would go again at age 5, even bigger and heavier, we concluded that the next trip would be different. And this is what I tell in the post about car rental in Orlando !

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*** post update = For those who want to read the text I wrote next to this, about my experience with cart rental at a specialized Orlando company, the link is this: our site

I hope to help!