Average Earrings

Small, medium or maxi, the earrings are accessories that can not miss on the look of any woman. Is she romantic, sexy, contemporary or even vintage and casual. However, we know that we must pay special attention to the type of earring right to your face and haircut. At least that’s what we heard most of the time, isn’t it? But if we say that there is a kind of ideal Earring for all women would you believe?

Average Earrings

Yes, they exist!

Average earrings are wild in any jewelry holder and can be used in various events, always with a lot of  vintage style. According to vintagesfinder, after all, it’s not often that we can switch accessory to migrate from a commitment to each other.

Average earrings allow more accessories

If there is a problem to be solved when we chose the earrings is whether or not we can wear earrings and necklaces together. With the earrings (medium) the answer is Yes!

For being among the large and small accessories, they allow more versatility in time to be combined with other components and, depending on the model, you can even choose bigger collars to compose the visual.

But, beware! Care must be taken only with the sets. Bloggers and fashionistas argue that the combination of earrings and necklaces can give an inelegant air composition, which we don’t want.

Average earrings trends

Now that you know that the average earrings allow more freedom to exit the direct work for happy hour or any event and found that it is possible to combine even more accessories in time to compose your look that you like to visit the main trends to level on a daily basis.

Hoop earrings

They are back and are the must have of the moment, gaining space in editorials, fashion parades and in the Windows of major brands of jewelry and semijoias. It is best that can be found in thinner rings, medium and thick, as well as flat, or even pocked with small adornments or fringes.

Loop models of aro thinner are elegant and discreet and provide movement when the hair is worn loose. In addition, the rings can be used with any face shape and help to define and soften the terms.

Another trend that came with everything and makes the head of the Hollywood celebrities are the mounted rings. In zircônias, crystals or diamonds, the rings are luxurious and can be easily used in nightly events that require a more elaborate production. The best part is, the piece highlights the look and suits with flowing hair, kind of stuck or coke.

Wing earring

The wings won prominence a few years back and continue as the favorites among the It girls and models. Ideal for the most modern, the pieces are strong and represent the freedom of who uses them.

The wings are mounted pieces of evidence for those who want to draw attention to make or hair. The ideal is to be used with the hair kind of stuck or coke, since fall until the middle of the neck.

Now that you know that the average earrings are perfect for all, how about visiting the PIP’s Store and find the ideal piece for you? Enjoy you already know how to take care of each item and visit our unique collections to be even more beautiful.