Autumn Lingerie

With the arrival of autumn, play renew all our wardrobe, linen included. That is why brands offer underwear news, inspired by the trends and needs of today’s woman. If you want to know what colors are new, which are new, and which is the best lingerie for this fall, in us we have what you.

Black is back

The black color has never stopped being a basic in the female lingerie . If you choose this tone always you be right, sophisticationand mystery. In addition, in all brands of lingerie you can find, in different models, from a baby-doll to a set of delicate lace.

All Red

All the shades of red are fashionable this winter, but especially the Bordeaux. This tonality, which we already saw last season, returns with more force. It is a mysterious, sensual and very elegant, perfect tone if you want to join your makeup with a Gothic touch. Even great designers like Andrés Sardá have could not resist is to the attraction of the red.

Green love you green

Green is the novelty of this season. Both its Emerald hue in the darker, bottle green. It is a type of different lingerie, and you must not forget that it is the color of hope, so it brings a plus of positivity in the cold winter.

Animal instinct

The animal print and restarts again and again, and we never get tired of found in new garments. If a few years ago used in lingerie was inelegant, it is now sophisticated and very sensual. Ideal for bold girls. See more on thedressexplorer.