Applications Compatible with Chromecast, Your Web Page We Help to Discover All

If with the advance of Chromecast you thinking if purchasing a device but do not know which applications are compatible, you are in luck since you are in the indicated article. The latest remodelling of the official product page we can see the complete list of applications compatible with your Android device, by selecting it in the upper right where they give us to choose between Desktop, Android and iOS.

In this list we find from applications known as AllCast or Netflix to other more unknown such as games and meteorological applications. If you click on one of them we will provide a brief description along with the link to download it, very useful tool.

Google on the other hand still improved Chromecast as we recently saw with the possibility of mirroring from a terminal, even if at the moment it is restricted to a small number of devices. In addition, if you want to connect a smartphone Android that is not connected to the same Wi-fi network will make it in the future by ultrasonic.

If you’re still not convinced potential possessing Chromecast I leave this article where we can appreciate in an entertaining video some of their profits. If you want one, you can order it directly from Google Play where has a price of 35 euros.