Apple’s Ipod Touch Might Be To The Smartphone

All those who have predicted that with the Apple iPod touch end, are probably wrong. Apple wants to be a patent leave application, that Apple’s latest-generation iPod touch can make a Smartphone.

So many users see no more than MP3 Playerthis device, but hope on a Smartphone can be operated with the help of Internet telephony. Right now are with the application “Face Time” video conferencing allows. The latest version, which is only 7.2 mm thick Apple iPod touch 4 G. Experts say the economic times that the Apple iPod touch not as its end is moving into, accepted by many users but in its latest version even much better than its predecessors.

Surely that cannot be iPod touch with Apple’s iPhone compare. But the Apple iPod touch features as well as the iPhone 4 via an A4 chip. Similar to the iPhone 4 can the iPod touch alsoHDR (high dynamic range) images to be included. Also, Apple the device as a mobile game console seems to want to sell. With this step you wanted against the PSP from Sony andNintendo DS consoles go on the offensive. Already in the first quarter of 2010, Apple has made the patent application for a transceiver which could allow telephoning with the iPod.Information, see patentlyapple, where many are the documented patent requests by Apple .However, the patent was not yet granted so far. This video shows some information about the Peel 520.

Last month brought a Chinese companies the Peel 520 for the iPod on the market. This is a type of docking station for the iPod touch, which provides the device with a Sim Card Slot and some other functions. Seemingly wants to counteract this iPod gadgets in the home of Apple and that make even a Smartphone Light iPod touch with the pending patent. A German hacker has the but apparently previously and has now published an Guide how you could right now with theiPod 4 G phone. Because the whole thing but seemingly associated with risks, we would not go into it. So just wait on Apple’s patent, then the iPod touch remains as Smartphone replacement to take advantage of. You can read more on this topic at