Apple Vs. Samsung: Price Developments Of 15 Top Smartphones In An Infographic

The new iPhone 7 is already at Snapchat, Instagram and co geteasert. At least the top model to be equipped again with good technology but virtually identical with a dual-camera in the Petto FormFactor. The dual camera but not final tear it.

Apple Vs. Samsung: Price Developments Of 15 Top Smartphones In An Infographic

LG also has a camera on board, which produces images in the 135-degree wide angle with the G5. Apple fans will remain faithful to but keep the iPhone. Shortly before the launch of a new model, most starts to sell the predecessor model. It is always amazing how much you can get for a used iPhone. The difference is even more vivid when top models are, however, kept from the House of Samsung.

Buy Or Keep?

A little to facilitate the search and price comparison, as well as the forecast of value stability, the team of smava with has developed a handy infographic which houses the price development of the Smartphone giants. In total, 15 top devices are included. Using hooks, you can select individual models and compare them with each other. You choose, for example, the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 edge and adjusts the point “in the history of time’, you can see the price developments very nicely. The Apple iPhone is minimal even with the Samsung Smartphone and regularly value stable. Both units started in the same price category. What reveals the graphic here is however no witchcraft. It’s no secret that Apple simply has a higher resale value iPhone than products from the competing camps. It shows however very nicely what prices in which period is expected. The iPhone especially the months are April and may, where there is in fact some devices cheaper for a short time a few euros.

Overall, however, themotorcyclers reminds you the following trends:

Samsung Galaxy models depreciate over the first year twice as fast as Apple’s iPhones

Galaxy smartphones to fall 44 percent on average a year, iPhones need 1 year and 3 months longer these price loss also to achieve

The value most stable units of the two producers are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6 plus

The best time to buy is for Samsung devices October/November and for iPhones may

The question of whether it is already worthwhile to buy a new smartphone, or should wait but rather more a month, can be with the infographic definitely somewhat relieved. We wish you much fun with the click.