Apple Stumbled about in Search Allegedly on Electric Cars

In terms of electric cars the American manufacturer Tesla has the edge at the moment. But the company must attract warm. Because supposedly a company is currently working on an electric car, which has taught the fear so many competitors in the past. The iCar, an electrically powered car is believed current rumours in the labs of Apple in the California Cupertino emerging.

The Next Big Thing: Apple Attacks The Automotive Industry

In the past few days the rumor mill started regarding strong Apple’s plans to develop an electric car, on drive. It all began with vague references in various blogs, until the renowned Wall Street Journal took up the story and an absolute hammer out left: supposedly one hundred employees work in an isolated laboratory on the Apple campus, to implement the ambitious plans and to develop a car with an electric drive. The codename of the project loud “Titan”, and more than a year ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook personally gave the go-ahead.

The rumors to the iCar are no longer unsubstantierte speculation in the partly very dubious world of Apple blogs. The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s most prestigious business newspapers and wont complete any rumors to publish targeted from the air. The article in the WSJ also has an impressive wealth of detail that suggests an inside source. Currently, the design of the project in the direction of minivans go, and the team leader Steve Zadesky was able to put together his team of 1000 employees from different areas of the company according to RCTOYSADVICE. Also Apple no plans currently to enter into the race to be the first market-ready self-propelled car . The WSJ also points out that it is always possible that Apple takes distance from the plans and stomps up the project of “Titan”.

The WSJ is not the only well-known publication that has taken up the subject. The financial times also reported by Apple’s plans to develop an iCar. The article is far less precise than that of the competition. However, he cited an anonymous source who supposedly long has worked with Apple, with the words: “before three months I thought still involves CarPlay.” “Today, I think it’s a car.

An Electric Car Would Be A Gamble For Apple

Should Apple really planning to put an electric car on the market, that would go hand in hand with a high entrepreneurial risk. Although Apple continuously expands its business field – enters the company, for example, on the market for wearables in the near future – but so far the Executive floor in Cupertino was limited to products which have less to do more consumer electronics and IT.So far, Apple was possible in new product categories on experience to access Know-How and infrastructures, which already existed. In a car, this would not be possible. Although modern vehicles are now equipped with so much technology that is almost rolling computer, still is a big difference between a Smartphone and a car. This applies to both the logistical side of the company and the marketing of the product.

Partnership With Car Manufacturers

Renowned automobile manufacturers have built infrastructures and Know-How collected over years. Apple would enter this market as a complete branchenfremdes. Safety regulations should be noted, and cars are much more challenging than small Smartphones or tablets in the distribution.In addition, a service network is required for a car, and it seems doubtful that Apple stores carry out also car inspections in the future. All these are reasons, that Apple is not alone on this venture, but is looking for a partner in the automotive industry. In this regard, there is still no information.

It has uses as regards staff, problem in the industry. The designer criminals in the past year Marc Newson designed not only watches, but was also once involved in a prototype project for Ford.Also, Apple recently hired the former Chief of the California development center of Mercedes-Benz with Johann Jungwirth.

Speculation About The Icar, There Have Been Years

The rumors of a car from Apple are not new. More than two years ago, a well-known Apple Manager he said that will thinking within the Group about their own car. And during his testimony in the proceedings between Apple and Samsung 2011 Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said that after the success of 2001 launched iPod player via a camera or a car as a potential next products had been thought.

And even in recent times, it gave rise to speculation. Apple CEO Tim Cook said last September in an interview that the company has products think was so far not even been speculation about that.”We are working on products about which nobody knows anything“, so Cook. He also said that Apple is shy not afraid, also to reinstate a project.