Apple Iphone 6s: the Gap Filler

Conclusion: In the test the Apple proves iPhone 6s as a good phone with very good display, strong camera and excellent pace.At furnish some purchase must be affected, however, and also NFC is not available in Germany. 

2015 is a difficult year for Apple and the iPhone. After the big bang with two complete newly designed models once more facelift in the form of S is in 2014. The Apple fan so must renounce spectacular new features-and the S models with 3D touch have received at least an interesting update.

According to photionary, Apple offers the iPhone 6 s with three storage capacities: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.The smallest version we can advise against just anyone, because without microSD slot that is simply too little: less of the system and the many applications pre-loaded Apple remain only around 10 GB. That’s enough only for data ascetics or users who all in iCloud bunkering. We had the version with 128 GB in the TESTD (hence our criticism of the 16 GB version here falls in the standings), basically also 64 GB may be enough but the most buyers. Useful extras include Bluetooth in version 4.2 and LTE Cat6. NFC goes only for Apple pay, that a full year after its introduction in Germany still not arrived.

Apple Learns: Aluminum 7000 In The New Iphone 6s

The iPhone 6s is significantly heavier and minimally thicker than its predecessor. Basically, we feel that as a good decision, however, the weight of the Smartphone is not well balanced, the device feels top heavy.Processing and materials of the ALU smartphones are moving at the top level. The 7000 series aluminium as a basis of the alloy, which should make stable iPhone-in theory-is brand new. Also the slightly different shades of colors of gold and gray are a consequence of the material. The brand new Rosé gold has a very subtle and is certainly aimed at the female buyers.

Apple Puts On The Red Pencil

In contrast to the iPhone 6 reduce the battery capacity when the iPhone 6 S of 1,810 mAh on 1,715 Apple mAh. However, the online times not really changed: we measure here well 8:01 hours.

The acoustics of the phone is okay, a constant background noise is bugging us though and the handsfree is maximum usable. The supplied Earp ODS are one thing for themselves, what is the seat, sound very well.

Apple Preserves: Display And Performance Class

4.7 inches, the display stays of 6s the a handy Smartphone, it still dissolves pixels with 1,334 x 750. In the test, the super cut very reactive screen: he is bright, unusually high-contrast and perfectly meets the white point. Also, the pace of work of the Apple Smartphone is again optimized. The new A9 processor, 2 GB of RAM to the side are the liquid through menus and provides open applications such as the camera extremely short load times.

Apple Seeks: Camera Images Bigger, Not Better

The camera of the new iPhones now take photos with 12 megapixels and filmed in 4 k. That’s great, but-has the actual photo quality-no great effect. Because the images are larger and zoom compatible, includes in itself but not more details.Apple’s camera remains a very high quality cam with numerous ways to play around.You can continue to create slow motion shots and shoot now also small animated photos, known as live photos. This works very well and a little reminiscent of GIFs. A handy extra is the “retina Flash”, where the backlight at Selfies mimics a lightning and provides solid self shots in dark environments. Well so, since shots of the rear-view camera without Flash at lit are no strengths of the iPhone 6 s. In addition, the optical image stabilizer is still the great plus reserved.

A Bit Of Innovation: Ios 9 And 3D Touch

iOS 9 is an excellent operating system, unless you feel comfortable in the Apple universe. Today about a healthy number of shortcuts and live has the system info. The language assistant Siri provides also faster and more complex responses, collects information, and provides recommendations.

The real innovation concerns the so-called 3D touch, which not only iOS 9, but also requires special and particularly pressure-sensitive screen of the new S-iPhones. 3D touch allows you trigger certain functions of a firmer pressure on the display. A pressure on the camera app opens, for example, a context menu that you open directly the front-facing camera or Camcord.In the gallery you can select images and delete directly, the same applies to E-Mails-while this is a nice gadget, simply to open a message but no longer takes. Cool, we find, however, that you can press individual links in the Safari browser, and then opens a new extra window and offers a preview of the Web page. Self explanatory, 3D is not touch, you must schools is almost sure to use – just because it is always unclear what Apple applications and which external apps now touch support 3D and which are not. Here iOS something at his intuitiveness loses. More detailed information and testing the new features of iOS 9, see our review of the Apple system.

Iphone 6s: Alternative

If you want an iPhone you an iPhone. This is also aware.Nevertheless, we would recommend a cheaper and better Smartphone with Android OS at this point. And because you particularly value quality and design as a person interested in iPhone, it fits here Samsung Galaxy edge, like the fist on the eye as an alternative. It has a good battery, a cool, curved around the edge of the display, a better camera and more facilities such as NFC and USB to go. For the 32 GB variant, you must 450 euroScroll down. Whom to 5.5 inch display size or 32 GB are too small, wait on the Sony Xperia Z5 compact, the up-to-date 349 euro costs.