Apple Iphone 6: Iphone Best of All Time

Conclusion: reaping the benefits In the test the new Apple iPhone 6 from the excellent operating system, the rapid performance and the quite ordinary battery life–and finally the display is contemporary.Criticism is there for something to large housing and non-optimal camera.

Apple Iphone 6: Bigger And Better?

The Apple falls with the new iPhone 6 quite far from the tree. Steve Jobs was still firmly convinced that no one buys a large Smartphone, Apple is now by the literally big Android competition forced to place: the new iPhone 6 comes with 4.7-inch on the diagonal instead of 4. The screen dissolves very sharp with 1,334 x 750 pixels and is extremely bright. The white point is in the optimum range, contrast, and color space are at a good level of IPS. We feel the casing dimensions compared to the direct competition but as too big. Just the side frame could be narrower. Including the protruding camera lens, the Smartphone is slim 8 mm high, 129 g weight makes the device pretty easily. The round design is clean in the hands. The processing is still at the top level, the ALU back feels elegant. The power button goes on the page and is therefore easy to reach. Additional features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-ac and LTE Cat4 4.0. The fingerprint scanner and the lightning connection may not be missing too.

Apple Iphone 6: 128 Gbytes For 870 Euro

A brief InterMezzo for the prices of the new iPhone: iPhone 6 in three versions of memory that Apple sells. That Entry model costs around 680 euros to the market start with 16 GB, for the 790 euro to the market start to pay 64-GByte version. An iPhone with 32 GB there is no longer, but one Mega Edition with rich 128 GByte starting from 870 euro RRP. You get all three variations either in the usual colour space grey, gold and silver. We save us a comment about the prices. How much it is worth to a Smartphone, you must decide every man for himself. It continues with the iPhone test.

Apple Iphone 6: Isight Camera In The Test

Again with 8 mega pixel, but with new focus technology: the camera of the iPhone 6 keeps focused with 1.13 seconds compared to the competition very quickly, for it but even when movements focus. It provides a slow – as well as a panoramic mode and a burst. The optical image stabilizer is the larger iPhone 6 plus reserved. Nevertheless, the camera in our test creates decent shots. Day and artificial light, bright and sharp images succeed-at the fidelity, the camera with 8.4 delta E however could be better. In low-light photos noise significantly, that the subject remains very bright.

Apple Iphone 6: With A8 & Ios 8 Performance Like Never Before

The new iPhone 6 comes with the fresh dual-core A8, which the manufacturer Apple makes as always no exact details. He should according to benchmarks with around 1.4 GHz clock and RAM can access approximately 1 GByte. Monitoring of numerous sensors of the iPhone is a motion coprocessor available, the so-called M8. Although the Android competition is on the way already with 2.7 GHz and four cores, which presents itself to iPhone-dual-core in combination with iOS 8 untouchable fast. The system is running very rapidly, smoothly without any hitch. Even when compared to its predecessor with iOS 7 we notice a considerable increase. That iPhone 5S took the always over a second time in the test when you open browser, contacts, and messages app. The iPhone 6 get things done consistently well under a second. This is hardly comprehensible, occupied Apple’s skill at the fine tuning of the system with the naked eye.

Apple Iphone 6: Top Operating System

With iOS 8 little of the modern surface changed visually. For this, Apple packs a slew of new features in the phone. Apps can network with each other and Exchange data. Also introduces Apple widgets, which are placed in the message center. The keyboard suggests words and learn to write preference of the user. In addition, app developers should download now alternative keyboards in the store. With the release of the family add purchased content like apps or movies to other iTunes users, the new Safari Ad Blocker prevents annoying automatic forwarding of Web pages in the app store. The health app health connects to all other fitness apps installed and gathers data about activities or food in one place. You can directly activate now-as long as the iPhone at the power-Apple’s voice control Siri with the phrase “Hey Siri”. Even if the iPhone display is. A use case for this: You have connected your iPhone in the car and want to start navigating or an Internet search. With “Hey Siri” now hands-free works.

Apple Iphone 6: The CHIP Test

Larger case, larger battery, longer-so the idea. And, how is the iPhone 6? Last in our online run-time test the battery 8:02 hours. This content such as videos are called on a standard Web page, the page is scrolled and the in the loop. So no poor performance. Even the acoustics of the iPhone presents itself convincingly. In addition to the excellent music player, we like also the voice quality on the phone. The interlocutor comes clear, loud and very good to understand.

Apple Iphone 6: NFC And Apple Pay

Required for years, now actually always still not fully satisfying aboard. Apple Adds the iPhone 6 is an NFC chip added. Which has so far apparently only a function to enable namely cashless (Apple pay). A brisk exchange of data with other devices is still not possible, NFC doesn’t even appear in the settings. The Apple pay payment service could we not test it yet, because he starts initially only in the USA. We were given a short presentation on the keynote in Cupertino. In short: with Apple pay you pay very quickly, in which you just take the phone to a be payment terminal with NFC and agree with the fingerprint of the debit by the credit card. When you can use this function with your new iPhone 6 or 6 plus in Germany, is still in the stars.

Apple Iphone 6: Alternative

There are many alternatives to the iPhone 6 at If you swear by iOS, 4.7 inch but you are too much, you should take a look on theiPhone 5S throw. There * s now for under 300 euros (16 GByte version). Alternatively, there are now still the better iPhone SE, but beats with significantly more euros to beech. From the Android store, we recommend that Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

No Phone Without Appropriate Tariff

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